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An Inconvenient Hankering
by Sienna Bishop
Release Date: 03/19/09
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 68
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 3.99 eBook only
Author Page: Sienna Bishop
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Sam and Hank met as high school juniors and hit it off almost immediately. Their bond of friendship continues to grow stronger during college, until Sam makes a scary discovery about himself: he's been batting for the wrong team. Unable to confess his suspicions to anyone, especially ladies' man Hank, Sam takes a job in Denver after graduation, far enough away from everyone he knows to give himself plenty of time and space to figure things out on his own.

Although Sam and Hank stay in touch while they're apart, it takes three long years for Sam to finally realize that his decision to move away came at too high a price. Craving the company of his family and friends again—especially Hank—Sam decides to put in for a transfer back home. When Hank finds out that Sam is moving back, he insists his longtime friend move in with him. Against his better judgment, Sam agrees, and he immediately finds himself in a constant battle to keep his secret under wraps.
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