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by Allyson Roy

Release Date: 08/04/09
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 400
Publisher: Berkley
Format ISBN Price
Print 9780425225509 14.00
Author Page: Allyson Roy
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Combining wacky humor with gritty, urban, suspense and a dash of romance, BABYDOLL is the second book in the crime adventure series featuring Brooklyn sex therapist Saylor Oz. In the last three months, three models have been found dead around New York City, each with a lock of hair missing. It would all be just another tabloid headline to Saylor Oz --except the young Nuyorican artist wrongly convicted of the killings is the brother of Benita Morales, Saylor’s best friend. Tiny warm hearted oddball, Saylor Oz, is convinced someone is reenacting the murders from an old X-rate movie called Bad, Bad, Babydoll. But no one else thinks so -- not even the sexy P.I. on the case. In her hunt to find the killer, Saylor accidentally ends up being part of a genius designer’s zany plan to tweak the fashion world -- and becomes the killer’s next target.
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