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Summer Loving
by Bobbi Romans

Release Date: 06/28/15
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 77
Publisher: Shara Azod
Format ISBN Price
PDF 2.99
Author Page: Bobbi Romans
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For some, being jilted at the alter would be the worst event, ever.


Discovering your fiancé cheated and left you for your best friend and matron of honor had been the worst.

Needing breathing room outside of the small knit town she lived, where whispers followed her footsteps as close as the sorrow eating at her heart, Jasmine fled.

Nate never dreamed he'd be lucky enough to find love twice. Guilt and grief have weighed his soul down taking him into a darkness he didn't want to leave, until he met Jasmine.

As near tragedy strikes again, can this damaged duo find hope in the belief lightning can strike twice or will this be the first failure of...

“Operation Hook-Up; You Book Em, We Hook Em”

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