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Taming The Tigers
by Tianna Xander

Release Date: 08/15/15
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-0492-5 4.99
Author Page: Tianna Xander
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After waiting to meet the man, or men, destined to be hers, Carmen Satriano, tired of waiting for her dream of a home and family to come true, focuses her energies on a new dream—a life she can live on her terms. Tired of living in her uncles’ huge penthouse alone, she accepts a position as a small town music teacher. After coming to terms with the fact that she will always be alone, she meets Malik and Gable, the two men fate finally throws at her feet as her mates. Will the men have to worry whether or not she’s willing to give up her new, hard-won freedom? Still…what lonely female can refuse two hot men with enough tenderness and testosterone to steal even the most resistant woman’s breath away?

Bounty hunters Malik Zorin and Gable Azarov aren’t looking for a new target. In fact, they’re ready to retire and go home to the Cascade. After dropping off their latest contract capture, they spot a woman neither of them can resist…and the chase is on—literally. They know they can catch her. After all, finding those who want to disappear is what they do for a living. The only real question is whether they can convince her to accept them as her mates.

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