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Tara's Revenge
by Jenny Penn

Release Date: 09/18/15
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 199
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
PDF 978-1-63259-711-3 5.50
Author Page: Jenny Penn
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Newly divorced, Tara Winters is starting over in Pittsview. She’s intent on claiming her independence when Bryant Black and Travis Grover strut straight into her life and introduce her to a whole new world of submission.

Tara isn’t looking for love but she’s not against having an adventure. That’s just what Bryant and Travis offer her, luring her deeper into a passion that threatens to consume them all.

That isn’t the only threat they’re facing. As Tara’s uncle and ex-husband conspire to try and break them apart, Tara, Bryant, and Travis will be confronted with just how willing they are to fight for their love.

When things boil over, everybody better watch out for Tara’s Revenge.

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