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Deadly Vision
by Rick R. Reed

Release Date: 01/10/08
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 220
Publisher: Regal Crest
Format ISBN Price
Print 1932300961 11.22
Author Page: Rick R. Reed
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What If You Suddenly Became Psychic and Could Stop Two Cold-Blooded Killers?
What if...No One Believed You? 

Small-town single mom Cass D'Angelo's life changes when a thunderstorm sweeps into her small Ohio River town. Cass must venture out in it to hunt for her son, seven-year-old Max. Lightning strikes a tree near her and a branch to the head knocks her unconscious. When Cass awakens a couple days later, she sees into the deepest secrets of those around her. Worse, some teenage girls have gone missing, and Cass sees their grisly fates. The discovery opens the door to a whole new life. The police are suspicious. The press wants to make her a celebrity. And the killers are desperate to know how she found their carefully concealed grave. Cass finds an ally in Dani Westwood, a local reporter. The two women begin to probe into the disappearances/murders and start to forge a romance. When Cass's little boy, Max, disappears, Cass must race against the clock to find him...before it's too late. 

"Horror fiction's most original voice knows how to spin a tale that makes a reader double check the door locks and windows. It is at once smart and twisted." ~NY Times Bestselling Author Gregg Olsen 

"Rick R. Reed moves to the head of the graveyard with this bone-chilling story of a reluctant psychic, a pair of maniacal killers, and the slaughter of innocence. Fiendishly good!" ~Victor J. Banis, author of Come This Way
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