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Gideon's Angel
by Tianna Xander

Release Date: 07/01/16
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-0799-5 4.99
Author Page: Tianna Xander
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Tara Torolf, a curvy forty-something vampire slayer, meets a man she can’t resist while dropping off a newly turned immortal to a council safe house. Her sardonic sense of humor can’t get over her usual luck when she discovers the sexy vampire is determined to kill himself before he turns rogue. Unfortunately, everyone knows a vampire's mate is always an inter-dimensional guide—which is something she is not, so any possibility of a long-term relationship is out of the question—but a fling might just pull the tall, dark and handsome vampire out of his funk for a little while.

Gideon Molfetta is one of the oldest among his kind. He is also one of the most talented, though few know of the abilities he keeps hidden. Tired of the aching loneliness and fearing he is on the verge of turning rogue, he craves the solace of death—until he meets a curvy human destined to be his.

Tara soon gets her chance when the two of them are thrown together in an effort to keep Tara alive. Tara can think of worse things than having Gideon Molfetta as her bodyguard, if she can get over his annoying habit of speaking to her in a language she doesn’t understand. Can Gideon keep Tara safe from the demon after her, or will his greatest fear of losing his mate send him over the edge and into the darkness?

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