Manic Readers
by Madame B

Release Date: 02/01/10
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 192
Publisher: Penguin Putnam/Jove
Format ISBN Price
Print 12.95
Author Page: Madame B
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Meet Madame B, the extraordinary hostess of an exciting new line of erotica. In these delightful collections of sensuous and, at times, scandalous tales, the mysterious Madame B shares with readers the many wild and sexy escapades women have shared with her. For some reason, women gravitate to Madame B, confiding their innermost feelings-and their most shocking erotic exploits. To protect their privacy (as well as her own), the mysterious Madame prefers to remain anonymous.

In the second book, The Notebooks of Madame B: Desire, women share their most extreme stories of sensual abandon, such as:

*"Going, Going, Gone": A businesswoman sells her body to the highest bidder and is willing to submit to whatever pleasure-or pain-is on offer.

In The Notebooks of Madame B, private indulgences are stripped bare for all to see, proving that the best erotic stories can't remain secret for very long.
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