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Entangled 3: The Chase
by Daisy Miller

Release Date: 04/07/17
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 90
Publisher: Changeling Press
Format ISBN Price
PDF 08005-02584 4.99
Author Page: Daisy Miller
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Sienna struggles to reclaim her life, having walked away from Hunter Shaw and the world of BDSM she once explored with him. Their relationship as Dominant and submissive may be over, but she is still linked to Shaw Productions and must continue to work at the studio through her role at Impact Marketing.

Hunter remains a powerful presence in her life, and as much as Sienna tries to resist his influence he still exudes a calm confidence that can be hard to ignore. After all, Hunter Shaw is not a man to give up easily.

Will Sienna break free from the remaining ties that bind them, or will she give in to a side of herself she can no longer deny?

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