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Hearts on Fire
by Violette Woods

Release Date: 05/24/18
Genre: Erotic Multiple Partner
Pages: 113
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
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Author Page: Violette Woods
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Broke and unemployed, chef Jana Klarsen has lost nearly everything—except a crumbling farmhouse far from the city she once called home. Determined to start over, Jana plans a catering business, entering the competiton barbecue and chili circuit to advertise her skills. But her bad luck isn't over yet, and disaster strikes.

Handsome cowboy Kurt Chambers and his twin brother Kyle seem like the answer to Jana's financial woes when they offer her a temporary job as cook on their sprawling cattle ranch. Jana's determined to keep it professional—but the two men kindle feelings within her that she never dreamed possible.  Despite her best intentions, she can't resist the incendiary pleasures of being shared by the two men.

But Jana is keeping secrets, and Kurt's suspicions are aroused. Fears lead to confrontation, and soon all three of them are in danger of seeing everything that matters go up in smoke.

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