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Point Grace
by P. Nelson

Release Date: 05/18/18
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-1892-2 4.99
Author Page: P. Nelson
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Townie girl Wren Thurman, back home after finishing her degree in New York, is working at her father’s restaurant, the Lobster Shack, one night when her former lover, Tristan Worthington, arrives with a group of diners. Tristan Worthington has returned to Point Grace, Maine, in order to lay the ghost of his sister’s death to rest and win back the woman he has never been able to get over. Neither can deny the chemistry burning between them. Despite her qualms over getting involved with Tristan again, Wren decides a fling can’t do any harm.

Chief Gil Williams has lived in Point Grace for his entire life and, despite losing his daughter, has managed to keep the uneasy peace between the locals and the rich who stay in their estates during the summer. The discovery of a body off the coast forces the chief to deal with the lingering trauma of his daughter’s death. Worse, the circumstances are similar to Vanessa Worthington’s death a few years before, and Williams is not convinced that this new Jane Doe died in an accident.

As Wren and Tristan’s relationship heats up and they realize they might not be able to part at the end of the summer, Chief Williams discovers that Point Grace holds some very dark secrets. Working together, Wren, Tristan, and the chief uncover an underage pornography ring involving people they have trusted all their lives. Wren and Tristan must fight to save not only their relationship but their lives, as members of the pornography ring fight back. For his part, the chief has to decide between revenge and justice…

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