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You had Me at Hello
by Riley Michaels

Release Date: 02/22/19
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-2392-6 4.99
Author Page: Riley Michaels
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Sofia is on her way home by train from another boring business trip. A stranger approached her in the dark needing a bed for the night, she had the perfect place, an empty berth above her. He pleads his case, “I’m Chandler Riggs.” He’s broke and no place to sleep. With no time to think, her heart beating like a drum, she hesitates, but couldn’t say no.

The next morning unexpectedly her life tumbles in turmoil when she walks up behind Chandler as he’s telling the porter they are engaged to be married. What was he doing? She barely knew his name. She had to stop him, as she started a familiar voice echoed from behind her.

“Sofia! When were you going to tell me, you’re getting married?” There he stood, the one man she could never lie to, her boss. Suddenly, she is faced with her dignity on the line, and again, no time to think, her heart beating like a drum, she hesitates, but said yes!  

She is faced with the biggest decision of her life, tell the truth or see where it goes?​

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