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House Party
by Larry Archer

Release Date: 10/05/18
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 243
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
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Kindle 3.99
Author Page: Larry Archer
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House Party (Foxy & Larry #18)

An 85,000-word novel about an innocent house party that goes wrong or extremely right, depending on which side of the story you're on.

Foxy and Larry attend a house party where Foxy falls for the husband of a couple from Los Angeles. She runs off leaving her husband to deal with the man's wife as well as their live-in girlfriend and becomes immersed in the pornographic movie business as an upcoming actress.

Fans of Foxy know that she is a bi-sexual exhibitionist who likes to live on the edge and has always led a protected existence, sheltered by her husband, who picks up after her.

Moving to LA, she quickly tires of Russell and moves in with a houseful of people who work in the porn industry. Foxy, on her own for the first time in her life, runs amok and is either staring in porn movies, hopping from bed to bed, or walking naked at the nude beach.

For all her messing around, Foxy worries about her husband and asks a woman, he previously had an affair with, to watch over him.

Sherry, an up and coming television news reporter, is physically the opposite of Foxy. She's over six-foot, busty, and "gasp" a blonde. Larry's normal go-to girl is either a brunette or a redhead, but Sherry is quickly able to overcome that hurdle and moves in with Larry and Chrissy, their live-in.

For fans of Foxy and Larry swinger stories, this novel-length story should not disappoint. Virtually every page includes an explicit sex scene to keep the reader entertained.

The story is still ranked as HEA, Happily Ever After, even though Foxy leaves her husband, her replacement quickly takes over.

As always, Larry Archer's explicit yet humorous stories weave non-stop sex along with a plotline to keep you both aroused and entertained.

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