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Crashing the Swinger's Pajama Party
by Larry Archer

Release Date: 06/29/18
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 298
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Format ISBN Price
Kindle 3.99
Author Page: Larry Archer
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Crashing the Swinger's Pajama Party

An 80,000-word explicit erotic novel about how Greg and Samantha innocently invite themselves to what they think is just a huge New Year's Eve party given by neighbors that they've only met a couple of times socially.

Imagine the surprise of when they crash their neighbor's New Year's Eve Party only to discover that they are in the midst of a swinger's pajama party, with over one-hundred people engaged in outrageous behavior.

Based upon an actual event, the party crashers are quickly drawn into the erotic world of swingers, where virtually anything goes. This HEA story follows the new couple as they quickly discover how much fun the Lifestyle can offer.

Larry Archer's swinger couple who are in most of his stories, Foxy and Larry, serve as ringmasters to guide and coach our new couple as they immerse themselves in this anything-goes lifestyle.

This is an explicit sex story for both men and women, which is written in the humorous style that Larry Archer is known for. As usually with Larry's stories, Crashing the Swinger's Pajama Party has an actual plot and is filled on virtually every page with exactly why you purchase erotica to read and entertain yourself.

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