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Possessed (Pagan Light book 1)
by JoAnne Keltner

Release Date: 01/24/19
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 335
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-1791657413 13.99
Kindle B07N4DKG29 3.99
Author Page: JoAnne Keltner
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Calling Jackie psychic makes her cringe. But Jackie’s no normal seventeen-year-old. She picks up emotions from people and objects like a freak. The emotions make her sick, and the guilt she feels for lying to her church when she was twelve causes her to deny her psychic abilities.But when her jealous friend Trish invites a demon to help her steal Jason's love for Jackie, Jackie must learn how to use her gift to protect Jason and herself and to heal the negative energies around them. To do so means she must overcome her guilt and accept who she is before the demon claims her soul.

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