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The Holy Reaper
by Mark Sherony

Release Date: 04/15/10
Genre: Horror
Pages: 193
Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Format ISBN Price
Print 1555 - 5488 Vol.410-13SE 12.75
Author Page: Mark Sherony
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The morgues in St. Louis overflow with corpses. Violent suicides inexplicably abound. As reporter Dennis Corsini seeks the reasons why, his life crosses paths with Dawn Day, a beautiful young mother involved in an ugly divorce. Together they embark on a journey filled with ancient mysteries, passionate romance, and legends that date back more than 1000 years. They discover the answers in Slave Folklore and Indian Legends. Lurking behind the suicides is a malevolent evil that silently kills and then vanishes; only to return, more powerful than ever before. The Holy Reaper is a novel of the paranormal that will take you on a surrealistic journey into the past and into the realm of the unknown.
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