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All Tomorrow's Halloween Parties
by Gwen Campbell

Release Date: 10/15/10
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 169
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 5.00
Author Page: Gwen Campbell

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She's his future. He's her past. Too bad they're opposites in every way.

When Special Agent Ash Wakefield finds a woman in his kitchen, drinking
milk straight out of the carton, naked, he appreciates the view but a
great set of breasts won't get her out of a burglary charge.

The records told Cari Smith this house would be unoccupied for another
three days. Now she's looking down the barrel of a gun, watching her
research opportunity circle the drain if she can't convince Ash she's a
historian from 2340, here to witness a pivotal event in the life of a
child who'll grow up to be the first female president of the United

Ash is willing to believe she's a government agent who's been given a
way-out scenario to test her field readiness. He doesn't like his personal
time and his home being used for a training exercise but what the hell,
it's been awhile and he might win bonus points toward his next promotion.

Now all Cari has to do is figure out how to blend in, master the
manual-flush toilet and keep her heart from getting broken. Nobody ever
said time travel was for sissies.
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