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Damage Control
by Amy J Fetzer

Release Date: 08/01/10
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 320
Publisher: Kensington / Brava
Format ISBN Price
Print 14.00
Author Page: Amy J Fetzer
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Two Against The World

Explosives expert Sebastian Fontenot has patience in spades—whether he's deactivating bombs or gritting out three days beneath a pile of rubble. But when the hard-bodied operative learns his oldest friend is in trouble, he flies into action—and ends up on the Artic Circle, where a sexy scientist holds clues that threaten his mission—and her life....

Olivia Corrigan can handle men. But Sebastian Fontenot is like no other she's encountered: hot as hell and in danger of thinking he can order her around with that delicious drawl of his. Lucky for her, the mesmerizing mercenary is on her side. And it's a good thing, too. Once they stumble onto a horrifying international cover up, it's up to Olivia and Sebastian to keep their hands off each other just long enough to keep a dangerous power from falling into the wrong hands....

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