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     Pete Peterson is a member of Western Writers of America and of Western Fictioneers, an award-winning artist, the great-grandson of a Confederate veteran and de­scended from Cherokees who trudged the Trail of Tears. He is a devotee and student of frontier history and fiction, a lover of Western art.   

   “My novels are not great literature, my paintings are not masterpieces. But if you are regular folks like me, you may like what I do.

   “My writing stems from a lifelong fascination with the American West—it’s history, myths and legends. I became a devotee and student of frontier history and fiction at an early age. My novels are campfire tales, thoroughly researched and true to the conditions and character of the country and its inhabitants as they existed then.

    “I paint the things I see and love in the world around me—nature, wildlife, and interesting characters I encounter in real life and in the pages of history. I do not believe that a painting must be surrealistic, weird or depressing to be art. Nor do I make apologies that my work is recognizable for what it was intended to represent. If my painting must make a statement, let it say, “Welcome. Enjoy. I hope this makes you feel good.”

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Pete Peterson

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Current Releases
More than 100,000 words of classic Western fiction, THE TRADITIONAL WEST, A WESTERN FICTIONEERS ANTHOLOGY, is a collection of stories from 24 of the genre's most talented authors, including established best selling and award winning write...
Available Now!
The Traditional West
In Oregon of 1875, Trace Savage, having gained a reputation as a manhunter, is commissioned by the Governor to break up a ruthless robber band of killers, vi­cious remnants of Quantrell’s raiders, harassing the trade routes and gold camp...
Available Now!
Bloodbath At Picture Rock

Available Now!
Black Clouds and Epitaphs
Based on actual events, this gripping tale unfolds as young Trace Savage follows a trail of blood and plunder across the rugged frontier of the late 1860’s in pursuit of the brutal bor-der bandits who murdered his parents. One by one, he ove...
Available Now!
Mark Of The Serpent
                Seduced by the false promise of easy riches and endless pleasures in the saloons and gambling dens of the raw Oregon frontier of the mid-1880’s, Jake ...
Available Now!
A Dark Trail Winding
        Dancer is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit. Yielding to the tearful pleas of a beautiful woman, Linda Macklin, he finds himself protecting the life of her father, Rad Macklin, the very man he...
Available Now!
Reckoning At Raindance
Young Jack Dancer is just in town for a little fun on a Saturday night, but Cash McCabe is on the prowl. Before the night is done Jack is fleeing for his life with a smoking sixgun in his hand. Thinking he has killed a man during the fight he was ...
Available Now!
The Relentless Gun

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