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E L Reedy

Was born and raised in Iowa, where he devoured tomes of fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult novels as a child. In his free time, he is an avid gamer (D&D and Pathfinder). He  has traveled the world as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and now lives in Iowa, where with his writing partner, he continues to pen works in the realms of Fantasy and Horror in the Young Adult Universe.

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A Note From E L Reedy

Says Cyrene of Uncaged Book Reviews 4.5 Stars!

“After the roller coaster ride of emotions, that I went through throughout the book, I felt a sense of peace at the end. Well done!”

Review posted in the June, 2018 Issue of Uncaged Book Reviews.

Says Amy Aislin of  Dream, love,  IMAGINE *****

“Wow. Can I just say “Wow” and leave it at that?

Review posted at Goodreads and Amazon Canada

Says Dianne of TOME TENDER Book Blog ****

“Authors E.L. Reedy and A.M. Wade joined forces to expose the loneliness and cruelties of being different, of not fitting into that cookie cutter image that allows people to be comfortable in their small worlds….  these authors are writing from the heart with a passion that is remarkable.”

Review posted at Goodreads & TOME TENDER Book Blog

Says Bella Star of  TBR  ***

“Andrew and Kiernan are freshman who experience an event that will change their lives forever. Rage, pain, heartbreak, their story is not going to be easy……

Review posted at The TBR Pile.Weeebly

Says Jaymie of Bayou Book Junkie  ***

“The story has a wonderful message and it definitely gets to you. Upon Broken Wings makes you think and makes you hope that when our children are hurting they are able to come to us or ask for help.”

Review Posted at Bayou Book Junkie

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Current Releases

Available Now!
Soul Dark Chosen
Bound by a dark act of hate and despair, high school freshmen, Andrew and Kiernan, learn that their untimely deaths did not bring an end to their pain, but only began the suffering of those left behind. While his lost memories return, Andrew mus...
Available Now!
Upon Broken Wings

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