Tips for Proposal #1

People like to read about other people. That’s why anecdotes are an effective way to get your point across. Use fictional techniques to make them short stories that pack a wallop by being as humorous, dramatic, inspirational, or startling as possible. Anecdotes humanize the book by presenting a slice of life that readers can relate to. They also make for more enjoyable, memorable reading than abstract ideas. As Jack Canfield says, “Facts tell, stories sell.”

Tips for writing a Time-Travel Novel

Prioritize: The first trick of scripting your personal time-travel is to prioritize your life. What receives your best energy and attention is what gets accomplished. If you claim you want to be a writer, but your primary energy and effort goes to being president of the P.T.O., you will likely succeed as the president and not make it as a writer. If your goal is to be a writer, then you must make writing your number one priority.

Assign ‘BRAIN’ Time: I find I can most effectively focus on my priorities if I assign them blocks of time, rather than try to do more than one thing at once. Of course, it’s not always possible to remain isolated and uninterrupted, but having dedicated time tends to cut down on distractions.

Maintain a Balance: In spite of this rather structured approach to life, I am not some sort of automaton or workaholic. Try to balance a time for you and your writing. It is imperative that you do so to create your best work possible.

Allow Change: The only sure thing in life is change, and as you travel through time, your priorities will likely change as well. As you achieve one goal, move on to the next. Let go of that which no longer serves you. New horizons will beckon. Allow change into your life. It’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Know your Era: Be sure to know your era’s. If you are doing a 1800 and 2004 time jump be sure to know what was in use in both those times. Do not put your character using a ipod touch in 2004 because it was yet not availible. In other words REASEARCH. Yes im sure just the though of reasurch can be daunting, but it will make your novel credible and rich in the era.

“House of Night” Series optioned

Producers Michael Birnbaum and Jeremiah Chechik have used their own coin to option screen rights to the “House of Night,” a series of nine young adult novels by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

The series, published by St. Martin’s Griffin, just reached its fourth installment with the recently released “Untamed.”

“House of Night” takes the vampire myth in a “Harry Potter”-esque direction. In the series, “vampyres” are accepted in society; they possess a genetic anomaly that manifests itself in some people at puberty. Vampyres are “marked” and sent to the House of Night, a school that offers training necessary to become an adult vampyre.

Protag is Zoey Redbird, whose ordinary life is thrown into disarray when she becomes a vampyre and must change schools and enter a brand new world.

“P.C. and Kristin Cast created a thrilling world that juxtaposes teen drama with supernatural suspense, using the transition from human to vampire as a metaphor for the transition from adolescence to adulthood,” Birnbaum said.

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Breath of Fire

by Tammy Kane

by Tammy Kane

Elera is the last remaining female dragonrider, and she alone is able to ride the bull dragon. An orphan, she’s grown up a warrior—full of spirit and determination. Not one to do what’s expected of her, she leaves her clan to find a warrior mate of her own—not of her people’s choosing.

Karl, also an orphan, has lived his life serving the Mattaen—a group of warrior monks. Not believing the tales passed down to him of dragons, he nevertheless cannot sit by and watch a virgin sacrifice laid out before him—and takes her place instead—only to come face to face with a snarling, deadly dragon. When a woman saves him from the dragon, demanding one night of him in her bed, Karl is at a loss. In thirty years, he’s read up on sleeping with a woman, but never done so. When he awakens alone, Karl is determined to set out on a mission to find his mysterious lover.

What a very unique treat Breath of Fire was. I loved the roll-reversal between Karl and Elera. Elera is the dominant female—she’s lived her life, she has sexual experience, she’s tough as nails and at the same time, totally feminine. Karl on the other hand is a virgin. Don’t freak out about this. He’s not a sissy, he’s not feminine. He just has other…   Read More

Red Gold Bridge

by Patrice Sarath

by Patrice Sarath

Once again, something is going on in Gordath Woods. The span of forest that separates our world from that of Aeritan, a medieval land of lords, ladies and very bad guys. Lynn Romano has taken over Lady Sarita’s stables and made it into a training/boarding stable but she is still filled with thoughts of Joe, her love who stayed behind to save her and both the worlds when the Gordath last closed. Kate Mossland is still riding and her parents still seem to feel that thinking she needs therapy is safer than believing what really happened to her when she was lost in the Gordath for all that time. Colar (aka Cole) her friend and now boyfriend from Aritian wants to return to his life but not without Kate. Then, Kate is riding home with her mother when she sees the last person she ever thought she would—General Marthen. He had become obsessed with her in Aeritan and vowed to have her. How in hell did she get here? The Gordath was closed, wasn’t it?

Once again, Patrice Sarah has woven a tale of love, mystery with a bit of fantasy thrown in with the sequel to Gordath Woods. Red Gold Bridge is not just a town, it is a…  Read More

Beloved Vampire

by Joey W Hill

by Joey W Hill

Jessica has finally managed to get away from her sadistic master. With the help of three nomadic guides, she travels to the Sahara. Unfortunately, she’s also dying. With the help of a journal depicting Farida’s journey in the Sahara, she goes looking for her tomb. She’s heard the stories about Farida and her lover, a Djinn, whose love endures even death. However, Jessica soon finds out that Lord Mason isn’t a Djinn after all, he’s in fact a vampire. And he’s pissed!

Lord Mason is furious that someone has deigned to upset his lost love’s final resting place. He may have loved Farida with his whole being, but once he sees Jessica, he falls head over heels for her. Now if he can just convince her to stay with him. But she’s scared. After being bound to a psychotic and cruel master once before, it will take patience and caring on Lord Mason’s part to prove to Jessica he loves her. But first, Mason is going to have to figure out a way to save Jessica. The Vampire Council wants her executed for killing a master vamp, no matter what abuse he put her through.

Wow. I am absolutely dumbfounded. Ms. Hill just knocked my socks off. I was immersed in Beloved Vampire from the very first page. My heart broke for Jessica. All the abuse she suffered at the hands of her previous master made me cry. I was so immensely happy she killed him. He deserved it! And Jessica’s connection to Farida is extremely moving. It’s Farida’s journal and her strength that’s kept Jessica surviving (mentally and physically) all these years.

Mason isn’t your conventional vampire. He has a soul, he’s a… Read More


by Rob Preece

by Rob Preece

Hunger is an original tale of what happens to an ancient god when he inadvertently rejoins the modern world.

Ewan was once worshipped by thousands, but ultimately fell before the Roman Legions and their gods. Deprived of the flow of power he gained from his worshippers, he withered away and was forgotten. Until he unexpectedly finds himself drawn to a modern soup kitchen and the overwhelming power that flows from an unlikely source—a woman who works there.

Tia is a paralegal that volunteers at a soup kitchen. The power that her faith offers Ewan may be an irresistible lure to him, but she’s wary of him and his strange stories. A god? How could that be possible? And why should she worship him, when she has her own faith? After events prove that Ewan’s story is true, Tia is shocked to find her feelings changing. But although she might be falling in love with a god, she’s no one’s doormat and her worship won’t come easily.

When both Tia and Ewan are threatened by external forces, both mortal and immortal, can they find a way to work together to survive? Tia is a modern woman, unwilling to sit on the sidelines, and Ewan expects obedience to his wishes. Can two such different souls find common ground—even love? And will love be enough to save them?

Hunger was an unexpected treasure. It’s utterly… Read More

Cold Midnight

Ten years ago, Kylie had it all. She was a popular senior on her way to a promising tennis career. She was Kendall Falls’ shining star and with Chase by her side, it seemed she had everything a girl could ever want. Until the day a brutal assault takes all of her hopes and dreams away in one terrible moment. Kylie can’t deal with the attack and chooses to leave Kendall Falls and her best friend Chase. Now that Kylie’s back, strange incidents start to take everyone by surprise. When the focus turns to her brother, Kylie finds herself having to make a choice. Will it be her own flesh and blood or the one man who has had her heart from the beginning?

Cold Midnight was a book that was impossible to put down! A spine tingling whodunit constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat with scenes that will make your toes curl. With an outstanding line up of characters, Cold Midnight had it all. The relationship between Kylie and Chase was scorching, sizzling, fierce and intense. The plot was simply…  Read More