Breath of Fire

by Tammy Kane
by Tammy Kane

Elera is the last remaining female dragonrider, and she alone is able to ride the bull dragon. An orphan, she’s grown up a warrior—full of spirit and determination. Not one to do what’s expected of her, she leaves her clan to find a warrior mate of her own—not of her people’s choosing.

Karl, also an orphan, has lived his life serving the Mattaen—a group of warrior monks. Not believing the tales passed down to him of dragons, he nevertheless cannot sit by and watch a virgin sacrifice laid out before him—and takes her place instead—only to come face to face with a snarling, deadly dragon. When a woman saves him from the dragon, demanding one night of him in her bed, Karl is at a loss. In thirty years, he’s read up on sleeping with a woman, but never done so. When he awakens alone, Karl is determined to set out on a mission to find his mysterious lover.

What a very unique treat Breath of Fire was. I loved the roll-reversal between Karl and Elera. Elera is the dominant female—she’s lived her life, she has sexual experience, she’s tough as nails and at the same time, totally feminine. Karl on the other hand is a virgin. Don’t freak out about this. He’s not a sissy, he’s not feminine. He just has other…   Read More

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