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Wulf’s Den-Mated to a Wolf
by Marisa Chenery

MR Reviewer: Victoria Lyn

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Finn York despises werewolves. After all, he was kidnapped and experimented on by one. It’s because of that experiment that he now has heightened senses and foretelling visions. Even with his aversion to wolves he can’t seem to stay away from Wulf’s Den, a local watering hole where wolves and mortals rub elbows. While sulking in a corner, he meets waitress Jocelyn Swen. She’s a werewolf so Finn wants to ignore her, but there’s something tantalizing about her scent.

Jocelyn first noticed Finn months ago when he started coming to Wulf’s Den with his twin brother. She’s observed him from a distance and noticed a recent change in him. He’s still mortal, but there is an underlying scent of wolf. After only one kiss, she knows he’s her mate but how long before she convinces Finn? Will Finn let his visions drive her away?

Mated to a Wolf is an exceptional short, but fulfilling story! Ms. Chenery can’t help but write a delightful and entertaining story. She hooks you with the storyline and leaves you breathless with her lovemaking scenes. Her characters are entertaining and almost make you believe in werewolves. After her parents’ death, Jocelyn was raised by her uncle. He holds some very old-fashioned views of women and their roles. He’s also prejudiced when it comes to mortals. Will he try to interfere with Jocelyn and Finn’s mating? I love Ms. Chenery’s Wulf’s Den series! Although it’s best to read the entire series, you can pick up Mated to a Wolf and still figure out what’s going on. I can’t wait to see what she has planned with her next installment!

Some October News, Releases and Contests



Ashleigh Raine is having a contest to celebrate the upcoming release of Twofold Desires. Win a gorgeous Twilight’s Fancy beaded necklace. HERE

Be sure to enter Lorie O’Clare’s new contest on her WEBSITE!


Shelley Bradley a.k.a. Shayla Black will be signing at Barnes & Noble in Hurst, TX


Hot for the Holidays  BY: Anya Bast, Lora Leigh, Angela Knight and Allyson James

Seduce me in Shadow BY: Shayla Black

Altered States BY: Delilah Devlin, Betty Hanawa, and Myla Jackson

New Reviews for September

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New Contracts

Lauren Dane’s INSIDE OUT, continuing the contemporary romance series which began with LAID BARE; and MESMERIZED, the fourth book in her futuristic/Phantom Corps series, have sold to Leis Pederson at Berkley Heat, in a nice deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.

Tip for proposal # 4

Unless you have a complete manuscript draft or a self-published book, always use the word will when referring to your book, since it doesn’t exist yet.

17 Book deal for James Patterson

The prolific author has just inked a new 17-book deal that will keep him with publisher Hachette through 2012. The deal includes 11 adult titles, to be published in hardcover by Little, Brown and Company and in paperback by Grand Central Publishing, and six titles for young readers, to be published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

The contract includes new novels in Patterson’s three series of #1 bestselling detective novels, featuring Washington, D.C’s detective Alex Cross; San Francisco’s Women’s Murder Club; and NYC’s detective Michael Bennett. The books for young readers include new titles in the Maximum Ride and Daniel X series, and the Witch & Wizard series debuting this December. The contract also features new stand-alone novels, summer thrillers, nonfiction books, and  what Hachette calls “other surprises.” In a statement, Patterson said ,”I love writing stories. I have more to tell and I’m thrilled that the wonderful Hachette Book Group will continue to be my partner in exciting readers with these stories that I love.”

 Patterson was represented in the negotiation by Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell of Williams & Connolly LLP.

Tip for proposal #3

The longer you make anything in your proposal—words, sentences, titles, paragraphs, chapters, anecdotes, and the book itself—the better it must be to justify its length.


by Allison ROy

by Allison ROy

Brooklyn sex therapist, Saylor Oz, can’t seem to stick to sexual healing. The brother (Angel) of her roommate and best friend, Benita, has been incarcerated for the murder of three models. The two women know he’s innocent and will go to any extreme to prove it. Prior to their investigation, Saylor had written an article based on orgasmic expressions in porno films. During her research, she’d watched a movie called Bad, Bad Babydoll featuring a psycho-killer model who murdered her rivals. Positive that the star of this porno flick is the real killer, Oz enlists the aid of “a dream-faced, hard-bodied stallion” PI who worked for the lawyer defending Angel. The devastatingly gorgeous dick pooh-poohs Oz’s theory but there is definite chemistry between them. Tracking down the porno star, the best friends become involved in the world of high fashion. A hot designer decides to make Saylor his new “It” model, despite her diminutive stature. Calling herself, Babydoll, the sex therapist hopes to lure the killer to try one more time.

If you happen to be a Stephanie Plum fan, Babydoll is the book for you. Packed with action, humor and exceptionally great-looking men, this fast-paced whodunit provides readers with thrills, chills and places in the Big Apple that…  Read More

Hot Dogs

by Janice Bennett

by Janice Bennett

 Amid the chaos of handling a Fourth of July event and being sheriff in charge of a murder investigation, Annike McGinley and Owen Sarkisian find time only to visit and hug occasionally. Now if she could only get him to commit to a wedding date! However, this event has its own special chaotic timbre. A year ago, one of the members of the planning committee had made off with all the proceeds, most of his own bank account and his wife’s jewelry. Or so they all thought… Turns out that Lee Wessex never left Upper River Gulch – his body had been in a storage shed all that— time, along with the money.

Between red, white and blue dogs, another murder, quarreling committee members and other interesting affairs there isn’t time to plan a wedding, much less solve a murder. Hot Dogs has…  Read More

Second Chances

by Nika Dixon

by Nika Dixon

Enter a high stakes world of romantic suspense with Second Chances by Nika Dixon.

Casey Marshall wakes up in an alley—alone, injured and unable to remember where she is or what happened. She’s struggled hard to make a good life for herself. She’s found a niche with a job researching stories for her local paper. She’s turned her back on the heartache and mistakes of her past and she’s finally found herself in a place where’s she’s happy, and even proud of herself for what’s she accomplished. And now this… Desperate, she turns to the one man she thought she’d never talk to again, Jackson Hale, but will he help her this time?

Jackson Hale has known Casey since she wore pigtails and drove the men in her uncle’s unit crazy. She’s always into something, and she’s always causing trouble for everyone around her. He hasn’t seen her in six months, since her last stunt pushed him over the line. When she shows up on his doorstep and collapses, Jackson doesn’t know what to believe—is this just crazy Casey pushing his buttons, or is this time really different?

As unseen forces converge on Casey and Jackson, it quickly becomes clear that the danger is real. Casey’s really into it this time, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. When push to comes to shove, will Jackson believe Casey when it matters most? Can he save her from a seemingly all-powerful foe, with connections in law enforcement and the government?

Second Chances is romantic suspense at its best. I loved every line, first to last. The plot twists and turns like a roller-coaster, and keeps you gasping for breath all the way—what a ride! Casey might seem a bit young…  Read More