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Wulf’s Den-Mated to a Wolf
by Marisa Chenery

MR Reviewer: Victoria Lyn

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Finn York despises werewolves. After all, he was kidnapped and experimented on by one. It’s because of that experiment that he now has heightened senses and foretelling visions. Even with his aversion to wolves he can’t seem to stay away from Wulf’s Den, a local watering hole where wolves and mortals rub elbows. While sulking in a corner, he meets waitress Jocelyn Swen. She’s a werewolf so Finn wants to ignore her, but there’s something tantalizing about her scent.

Jocelyn first noticed Finn months ago when he started coming to Wulf’s Den with his twin brother. She’s observed him from a distance and noticed a recent change in him. He’s still mortal, but there is an underlying scent of wolf. After only one kiss, she knows he’s her mate but how long before she convinces Finn? Will Finn let his visions drive her away?

Mated to a Wolf is an exceptional short, but fulfilling story! Ms. Chenery can’t help but write a delightful and entertaining story. She hooks you with the storyline and leaves you breathless with her lovemaking scenes. Her characters are entertaining and almost make you believe in werewolves. After her parents’ death, Jocelyn was raised by her uncle. He holds some very old-fashioned views of women and their roles. He’s also prejudiced when it comes to mortals. Will he try to interfere with Jocelyn and Finn’s mating? I love Ms. Chenery’s Wulf’s Den series! Although it’s best to read the entire series, you can pick up Mated to a Wolf and still figure out what’s going on. I can’t wait to see what she has planned with her next installment!

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