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Navy Veteran, Rochelle Weber is a stickler for grammar and it shows in her work.

Alberta, Canada—September 9th, 2009—With a BA in Communications from Columbia College in Chicago, and years of experience in the editing field, Rochelle Weber steps into the shoes of Managing Editor at Breathless Press. “I’m really grateful to be with Breathless Press. I sent a resume and cover letter and Justyn Perry liked them and brought me on board as ME.”

Rochelle joined Breathless Press shortly after they opened their doors in July and since coming on board has quickly become part of the family. “When I put the call out for a Managing Editor, there were many applicants, but only one who truly met my quality expectations,” Justyn Perry, owner of Breathless Press adds. “It’s great to have someone on board that is as dedicated to quality as I am. With three employees that strive for nothing but the best, Breathless Press will become the press known for top quality.”

Having spent numerous years working in the publishing field shows in Rochelle’s editing style. “My mother was a stickler for grammar, as am I. One of my pet peeves is the dreaded comma splice, and I can name a few bestselling authors who use them frequently,” she states, going on about her editing career. “I’d been editing on a freelance basis for almost 20 years, but I had never edited fiction until I joined Inara Press. To my shock, they offered me the job of ME.  I thought I was too green when it came to fiction, but tackled the job anyway.  I was OK on the organizational side, but at the time I didn’t even know what style sheet or a head-hop was.  From there I went on to edit for several other e-pubs–Oestara, Silk Stockings, Cobblestone, Mardi Gras and Red Rose to name a few.  Some of them crashed before I could earn even my first paycheck, so I basically worked for free for several years.  But during that time I was learning a lot from my MEs, EICs, and various authors’ loops.  So when Justyn offered me the ME position, I was fairly certain I knew what I was doing. Our editors will have it pretty easy, because we have high standards and will not accept a book until it meets our requirements.”

With her background and determination, Rochelle is sure to take Breathless Press to new heights. “I love being part of a truly professional company and I know we’re going to grow and become a force to be reckoned with in the publishing world.”


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