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Phaze Books fully supports the efforts to finding a cure for breast cancer. To help in the fight, please be sure to purchase COMING TOGETHER FOR THE CURE, an award-winning charity anthology filled with short stories and poetry where all proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Available in ebook and in print.


Buy link:,+by+Alessia+Brio,+ed.


Blurb: RTBookClub Top Pick for January, 2008! 2008 EPPIE Finalist! Indy Book Award Winner!


At some point, virtually everyone’s life is touched in some way by breast cancer. Whether it’s a friend or family member, or even yourself, the journey is one of courage and compassion. Phaze continues its tradition of fundraising for this cause with Coming Together: For the Cure, an anthology of quality erotic fiction edited by Alessia Brio. All proceeds from the sale of this volume will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


“Few things reveal character as immediately and profoundly as the way someone makes love. And since the best stories are always character driven, what better way to get to know the players than by the way they make love? Call it erotic fiction if you like — it certainly is erotic — but once you get past the heat and the breathlessness, you’ll see these stories for what they really are: tales of the intensely private, the palpably real, the profoundly human.” – Barry Eisler, NYT Bestselling Author


Phaze Books’ September Top 20 best-selling titles are:


1.) Desire – Marie Rochelle


2) I Can’t Drive 55 – Jade Falconer


3) A Knight at the Speedway – Jaxx Steele


4) Sex Type Thing – Jade Falconer


5) Schooled – RaeLynn Blue


6) Dude Looks Like a Lady – Jack Greene


7) Man to Man – G.A. Hauser


8.) Sexhibition – Tigra-Luna LeMar


9) Dragonfly – L.E. Bryce


10) Resisting Kane – Stephanie Adkins


11) Rope Dreams – Eliza Gayle


12) The Question – Zena Wynn


13) Mary and the Bear – Zena Wynn


14) The Arrangement – Emma Wildes


15) Closer to You: Lee – Marie Rochelle


16) Magic Man – Wendy Stone


17) Just a Dream – Aliyah Burke


18) Lucky Charms – Marie Rochelle


19) All the Fixin’ – Marie Rochelle


20) The Rancher’s Ultimatum – Nia K. Foxx


20) Unleashing the Jaguar – Michelle Houston (tie)


Phaze Books has 4 special calls for submissions.


Special Call for M/M Steampunk Anthology – title TBA


Edited by: Leigh Ellwood

Projected release date: late 2010


Hey, all you steampunk enthusiasts, grab your goggles and get to writing!

Phaze Books is planning an all M/M (and bi-M menage) steampunk collection for eBook publication in 2010. If you have a yen for 19th century history with a touch of good humor and technological innovation (and a whole lot of manlove!), we hope you’ll send us your hottest steampunk erotic romance of 10K – 20K words. If you’re not sure about the genre, check out this Wikipedia entry for steampunk to get an idea of the style of stories we’re looking for. Think H.G. Wells or Wild Wild West, then turn up the steam factor with an incredible M/M or MMF/MMM match-up!


This call is open indefinitely until the spots are filled. Contributors will offer one-time electronic and print rights to their works and receive a one-time payment of $50 and contributors’ copies (eBook and/or print, if the book goes to print).


To submit to this anthology, please follow the Phaze Books structural guidelines (below) and attach your RTF document to Leigh Ellwood, c/o Phaze Books at submissions @ phaze (dot) com. Please use STEAMPUNK ANTHOLOGY is your subject header.


Open Calls – Urban Phaze, Phaze Rocks, and Phaze Scores!


Urban Phaze:


So tell us, what is your favorite location for a passionate fantasy? Do you dream of slow, eternal kisses in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, or would you like to snuggle with your lover in the dunes of a secluded Honolulu beach? Does the idea of doing it on the Eiffel Tower grab you, or maybe a tryst in an elegant suite overlooking the Chicago skyline?


You might say we like a bit of travel with our sex. We’d wouldn’t mind christening each of the fifty states, and we hope you feel the same way.


Get on the Phaze map!


We are looking for steaming hot stories to include in this line – contemporary-set erotic romance (sub and cross-genres okay), set in a major metropolitan city. The entire tale must take place in that setting and feature somewhat significantly in the story.


So, take us someplace nice, and make sure we never want to leave!

Duplicate city submissions are fine, because we plan to group city stories into print anthologies.


Please see our submissions guidelines for formatting and detailed dos and don’ts. When you submit in RTF format, please include Urban Phaze- [NAME OF CITY] in your subject line. Urban Phaze will remain an indefinite open call until we decide to close it. So get your pens and passports to work!

Minimum word count: 10K


Phaze Rocks!


Turn it on, turn it up, and tune out everything else with hot stories of passion and romance…inspired by the music that touches our souls (and other places!) Each story is song unto itself, titled after a favorite Top 40 hit, metal ballad, or sultry country ditty.


Get on the Phaze Hot 100 charts!


We are looking for steaming hot stories to include in this line -all genres accepted – titled with a popular song. The story need not be based on the song title of your choice, though if you happen to find a favorite artist or band is your muse, we’ll certainly take a look, or listen! So whether you’re into classic rockers like the Beatles or Rolling Stones, savvy R&B vocalists like Outkast or Beyonce, or into the rocking hair bands of the 80s, let the music move you to write.


(Note: if you haven’t figured it out, stories must be original. We like the fan fiction about rock bands, but we don’t publish it.)


Please see our submissions guidelines for formatting and detailed dos and don’ts. When you submit in RTF format, please include Phaze Rocks in your subject line. Minimum word count: 10K.


Phaze Scores!


Got game? Get on the scoreboard! Phaze Books is looking for sizzling erotic romances set on the playing field. Whether your game is basketball or baseball, hockey or golf, if you have a love match to share we want to read it. The action doesn’t have to take place entirely on the field, but each submission must have a sports setting. Minimum word count: 10K.


Please see our submissions guidelines for formatting and detailed dos and don’ts. When you submit in RTF format, please include Phaze Scores in your subject line.

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