Summer’s Wolf by Rebecca Royce

by Rebecca  Royce Three years ago, Summer Morrison’s happy, normal life was thrown into upheaval. Forced to discover, before she was ready, that she was half-wolf shifter and mated to the pack’s enforcer Cullen Murphy has left Summer moody, shaken, and resentful. When tragedy strikes her family, Summer is forced pack into the arms of the Westervelt Wolves and the control of her sister’s husband and Alpha of the pack, Tristan Kane. Cullen has waited three years for Summer, having promised her mother he would give her time to grow up. But, he’s never forgotten his mate and craved her presence since he first saw her on the battlefield three years earlier. The trouble is, now that Cullen has Summer, he has no idea what to do with her. Three hundred years of being alone has left Cullen socially inept and more lonesome than he would ever admit. He lives with the guilt and shame of his deeds, while knowing his role is pivotal to the pack’s survival. Together, Cullen and Summer will heal each other’s wounds and discover that life is worth living as long as they are together. Now there’s just the little matter of Kendrick, Claudius, ‘The Missionaries of God,’ and the demons that keep attacking. If they can survive, there love will be everlasting, But failure would mean not only their destruction but the end of the Westervelt Wolves. When love is eternal, failure is not an option.

Summer Morrison has essentially been on the run from herself for the past three years. Three years ago she was forced to acknowledge the wolf insider her. She’s finally come ho… Read More

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