Even Dead Men Play Chess by Michael Weitz

by Michael  Weitz Making house calls or meeting people in public places is how Ray Gordon makes his living. He’s not a doctor. He’s not a prostitute. Ray Gordon is a chess teacher. When one of Ray’s students, Walter Kelly, is found dead in his shop, the police and his family let it go as an accident. Ray, however, doesn’t buy it. As a former cop with a lingering curiosity, Ray snoops around and stumbles into the murky world of methamphetamine, the worst drug epidemic of our time. The problem? Walter Kelly was 65 years old and his only addictions were woodworking and chess. How does a 65 year old man become involved with illegal drugs? Why is a neighbor glad Walter’s dead? And just how do dead men play chess?

Even Dead Men Play Chess is the first in what I hope is a series.

Raymond Gordon did a short stint as a cop, discovering after less than a year that it wasn’t for him. N… Read More

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