Into The Tunnel of Darkness by Monica M Brinkman

by Monica M Brinkman To everything there is a season… 

This book was written in the hope of showing any individual who contemplates having an affair what they may expect to
experience. It is also written for those who may be able to identify with my words and to sincerely help them make the right
decision for their own circumstances. 

It is my wish that some will read these words coming from the very soul and think twice before taking on a lover, and
to help those dealing with the aftermath of infidelity. 

My words are simple; the situation surely was not. 

These are my emotions, my words, my inner feelings. When all was lost, I found solace in my writing; it healed, it inspired and it is truth!

Mmarie, 2009 (After the healing)

In poem form, Into the Tunnel of Darkness spoke of adultery and the consequences that attach itself to this life changing topic. I picked this book to review because I thought it had an inter… Read More

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