The Buzz Begins!

Ivy, thank you so much for having me as your guest today!

So, you hear a buzz.  Soft at first, but after awhile it grows louder.  More demanding, annoyingly so. Do you lean in and listen harder to hear what’s going on or do you swat the sound away?

What if it’s buzz about a new author, or debut novel?  Do you automatically stop and listen, thinking if everyone else is talking about it there must be something to it, or are you too busy?  Or are you just the naturally curious type who stops at just about every buzz to see what all the talk is about, then propagate the buzz if you’re hooked or shrug it off if the buzz doesn’t float your boat (raising hand, guilty as charged!)?

Now, there is good buzz, bad buzz and all kinds of buzzing in between. I’m not a rubber-necker when it comes to train wreck buzz.  I’m not interested in other peoples’ tragedies. I feel that is personal. I don’t go for the buzz when it comes to someone being lambasted by the mean girls or ignorant boys, I just ignore the entire ugly episode.  I refuse to partake on any level when it comes to others behaving badly. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some good old fashioned snark. And just between you and me, I’ll never turn my back on juicy gossip!  Ohhh, the things I know but cannot share!   Sometimes the urge to blurt out a secret is too much. It just fills me up to bursting! It’s at that point, that overwhelming urge to blurt it out to someone, anyone, that I cave and dish to my cats.  They usually aren’t too impressed, but the pressure to keep the secret is off.  Whew, a huge relief.

So, back to buzz.  Buzz today coupled with some slick PR can majorly boost a new product on the market.  It can generate interest or in some cases, it can do the opposite.  It can turn potential consumers away. For example, the PR spin the pros and or the media put on celebrities can make or break them.  Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have gone from zero to hero because of PR spin.  Britney Spears comes to mind.  A couple of years ago she was poor little rich girl spiraling out of control because of drugs and alcohol. Her bizarre behavior had us all shaking our heads.  Now?  She’s clean and sober and once again the ‘it’ girl!

Much of what we see in the media and on the internet is PR driven. There is a method to the madness.  Long meetings are held to determine how someone is going to be perceived. The media is a huge factor in the way it plays out for celebs, politicians or product.  In much the same way, the internet is crucial to debut authors.  Except, for the most part, what you see is what you get.  We don’t have PR geniuses behind us creating mysterious, author allure.  It’s just us, the author. Without great places to chat, such as Ivy’s blog, I would have nowhere to talk about anything much less chat about how much I loved writing my debut novel, ENEMY LOVER. ( J sorry couldn’t resist sneaking that in there.)

I think internet social media is here to stay and just when we think the geniuses have thought up everything, an uber genius will think of something better!  I mean first there was MySpace, then there was Twitter then there was Facebook (all places you can find Karin Harlow by the way), who knows what’s around the corner!  Do you tweet?  Do you FB?  And did you ever have a MySpace?

If you answer any one of the above questions, and, read on, at the very end, your efforts will be rewarded by a chance to win something very unique!

So speaking of buzz, pretend I’m a little bumble bee.  A little bumble bee with some very cool information on a very cool debut author by the name of Karin Harlow (moi), (  Here’s the scoop:  Her first book, ENEMY LOVER is kicking off her uber cool L.O.S.T. series.  Below is a little bit o’ buzz:

“Chilling suspense and sizzling romance, Harlow is a fresh new voice for paranormal fans.” New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan.

RT Book Reviews weighs in on Harlow’s debut paranormal suspense, ENEMY LOVER. “Harlow begins with a gut-wrenching bang and doesn’t let go.  There’s not a dull moment in this’s full of surprises and seriously entertaining.  Enemy Lover is quite a wonderful find.”

Would this bit of buzz cause you to stop and take a closer look? If the answer is yes, please, go check out my website and read more about my debut series.


Answer one or all the questions posed and you’re eligible to win a nifty custom L.O.S.T. mug! (I don’t have a pic but it’s a black 11 oz Bistro mug with that very cool multi colored L.O.S.T. seal emblazoned on the front!).

Ivy, thank you again for having me as your guest!

I’ll be around all day to chat so feel free to ask me anything!


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  1. Thanks for blogging w/ us Karin…I enjoyed it hon & look forward to reading ENEMY LOVER.

  2. I read a galley of ENEMY LOVER, and WOW! The RT reviewer got it right. I didn’t want to stop reading. Very fast, yet touching all my emotions. I can definitely see this as a movie — and I’d love to! I hope a producer is reading the book as I type. 🙂

  3. I agree 100% with what Edie said!! And I’d like to add that the cover is YUMMY and I confess to petting it frequently…

  4. Ivy, thank you again for the invite! I’m happy to be here.

  5. Edie! You didn’t tell me you had finished reading Enemy Lover. So glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Bonnie, I pet the cover too!

  7. I’ve been tempted to do more than pet the cover. Ah hem. And I know this book rocks!! Congrats on your debut, Karin!! BTW, I do facebook…. and those quotes rock big time!! Definitely makes me stop and take notice.

  8. Karin, can’t wait to get my hands on that guy…eh, I mean that book. I do Facebook and Twitter and will definitely look you up. Congratulations on what looks like a mega-hot book.

  9. Yowza!! Karin, what a gorgeous cover. You must be so excited about this debut. I’m a fan of social media, actually. I’m not nearly as active on Twitter, but do tweet. I’m building up my FB fan page now, but am still more comfy on the regular FB since it feels more casual and laid back LOL. I see a lot of networking and buzz building via GoodReads as well, but haven’t delved in there 🙂

    So can you share anything else about your buzz building? Can we find you on FaceBook or Twitter?

  10. Virna, I do too! lol. Thank goodness my publisher sent me lot’s of cover flats. lol. I’m getting more and more feedback on ENEMY LOVER, and it’s all been fabulous. I’m super stoked!!

  11. Jill, if only that cover model made house calls!

    I’ll friend you on facebook and follow you on Twitter.
    I have a picture of my L.O.S.T. mug to post, so check it out in a few!

  12. Tawny, thanks for stopping by! I love social media too! If I’m not careful, it can easily consume my entire day. GoodReads is intriguing but confusing to me.

    I am totally on facebook as Karin Harlow and Twitter as the same, and I have a Karin Harlow fan page as well. then there is The Edge, my Harlow blog I’m everywhere! I’m going to hop on over to FB and friend and fan you. 😉

  13. Bonnie you are stealing my trick of petting the covers. You know how much I love to pet the hotties on the covers. Almost as much as I love cracking open the cover and reading the wonderful words written by my favorite authors.

  14. Tina, I hope you crack the hell out of ENEMY LOVER!

  15. um, methinks dylan is spam…

  16. LOL Tina – if we combined our shared “petworthy” stash of covers, we’d be in heaven!! *le sigh* However, Enemy Lover is DEFINITELY my current fav. I was standing in my room the other day holding a bound galley and drooling over it and I realized I was trying to get the hubby to agree with me on how hot the cover was hahahaha

  17. Karin congratulations on your debut novel which looks amazing (cover Gods must love you) and sounds doubly hot! I think I’ve got whip lash from doing a double take!

  18. Sue thank you! My editor had a vision and she would settle for nothing less. I love it!

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