Hey Erin, thank you so much for being with us today at Manic Readers.

Are you all refreshed now after escaping to Hawaii?  It’s so beautiful there…

Alas, Hawaii came and went way too fast.  We did have a wonderful time but it was so hard to leave paradise though!

I confess I’ve never read Erin Grady but I love the Erin Quinn Haunting series and will more than likely look for the EG books.

Why the different names?  Because the books are so different?

The decision to use a different name for the Haunting Series came from my publisher.  Erin Grady books are set in the USA and Erin Quinn (so far) in Ireland.  Although my very first novel, WEB OF SMOKE, was a mystery, my other two were paranormal.  If you like my Erin Quinn books, I think you’ll like my Erin Grady books too.

Do you have a writing schedule or do you go with the flow of inspiration?

I have a very strict (and tight) writing schedule.  I’m not fortunate enough to be a full time writer—at least not yet—so I still have a day job.  I work full-time, but I have a 4 day work week, so I have one weekday and then weekends to get my books written.  There’s just not enough brainpower left in me at the end of my workday to write so I have to make do with those 3 days and I have to be diligent and focused when I’m wearing my writer’s hat.  J

Are you in control or do your characters take over to tell their story?

Hmm, that one is hard to answer.  I don’t ever try to BE in control when I write.  I usually have an idea of where I’m going, but I don’t have a set way I intend to get there.  I am often surprised, however, at what my characters say and do.  I have a small child in one of my books that I didn’t even know existed until my heroine scooped her up and out of danger.  She ended up being a major player in the story though.

It’s little details and information like that that fascinates me no end.

Some authors write characters based on people they know and love.  Do you do that?   Are they an amalgamation of people you know or have met or their own unique selves?

A very wise author once told me not to write what I know but write what I want to know.  I create people I’d like to meet.  Especially my heroes—I don’t try to create the perfect man, but I do try to create the perfect man for my heroine.  J

Good advice!  They all match so wonderfully too so for me, you’ve succeeded there.

Did the Haunting series come to you all of a piece or bits that you had to flesh out?  It’s such an intricate story arc I’m curious as to how it came to be.

Nothing ever comes to me in one piece.  I wish I was one of those authors who had the whole picture in my head before I started.  You would be amazed at some of the critical pieces I didn’t know going into this series.  One of the pivotal facts about Sean (hero of the first Haunting Book, HAUNTING BEAUTY) was unknown to me until I was ½ way through the first draft of the book.  (The BIG one about him if you’ve read it.)

I have and that never ceases to amaze me, the myriad paths creativity takes.  I love these tidbits of info about the whole process…

Can you tell us a bit about HAUNTING DESIRE and HAUNTING UNNAMED, the final two books in the series?

I love the concept of life going full circle.  I think I’ve been enthralled with this idea in all of my books.  HAUNTING DESIRE picks up where HAUNTING WARRIOR ends and tells Tiarnan’s story.  You met Tiarnan in Warrior and so you know he had a really rough ride through that book.  In HAUNTING DESIRE, he gets his chance for redemption, but of course there is a price.

HAUNTING UNNAMED brings the series back to its roots and, in typical fashion for me, ends at the beginning.  J  That’s all I can say about that right now.

See, now I’m gonna be trying to figure that out, “ends at the beginning.”   Should keep me busy & then I get to see if I was right or wrong when it’s finally realeased.  *S*

Are you still running the contest on your blog?  I’ve put my 2 cents in…couldn’t resist!

Yes I am.  I’ve picked one that I like best, but I haven’t sent them to my editor yet—I’m waiting for a couple of other things so I can send all at once.  As soon as she picks the one she likes best, I will post it!  (If you want to add your suggestions, it’s not too late.  Just stop by my blog: and leave a suggestion.

I admit to being very partial to Bean.  Where does her character come from?

Bean is the exception to my rule—she’s based on a real life dog. My real life rescue dog.  She has issues and anyone who’s met her (real name, Buttercup) asks, “was Buttercup Bean?”  You can learn more about her on my website: She’s a crazy, freaky little dog.  But I do so love her.

Do you have anything in the works under EG?

Not at this time, but that’s just because I’m so darned busy trying to meet my next deadline.

Are you currently reading anything?

I read constantly and I read everything from historical to mystery to paranormal to urban fantasy.  My favorite Urban Fantasy lately is Ilona Andrews Magic Series.  Can’t wait for the next one.

Do you have any all-time favorite books?

Oh I have hundreds of them!  I couldn’t even begin to make a list.

Anything special you care to share with us?

I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the support of people like you, Ivy.  You can’t know how exciting it is to get a top review and when I read yours on Manic Readers, I was happy dancing all over.  Thank you.

I’m tickled I inspired a happy dance  *G*…I honestly loved HAUNTING BEAUTY & HAUNTING WARRIOR but especially HAUNTING WARRIOR……something about it just really got to me.

I love talking to readers—I’m on FB (!/pages/Erin-Quinn/139495670625), I blog and I talk to readers groups.  Hope some of your readers will stop by and say hi.  You can email from the contact form on my site— where you’ll also find contest information.  J

Erin hon, thanks again for taking the time to be with Manic Readers today..I’ve really enjoyed it!

Ivy, thanks so much for inviting me.  I’d love to do a giveaway.  Autographed copy of  ECHOES, WHISPERS, HAUNTING BEAUTY OR HAUNTING WARRIOR—Reader’s choice of one for a randomly chosen meaningful comment.  J

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for having me here on Manic Readers!

  2. I had a dream about two writers, busted in public without make-up. I woke up in a sweat!
    I am so fascinated and impressed at how you give yourself over to the story. And that thing about Sean at 1/2 way? How wonderfully cool! Because it is so seamless, you know?
    I can’t wait for Haunting Desire. When do we get to drool over a cover?

  3. Great interview. Thanks.

  4. Sorry I hit the button while thinking!!! I wanted to thank both of you. I also want to look for WEB OF SMOKE. Is it still out there?
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Gram–great to see you here. You need to send me an email, girlfriend. You won a prize over on my site and you never claimed it. 🙂 email me at write2erinquinn (@) aol dot com.

    As for Web of Smoke, it’s been out of print for years. I only have a few tattered copies of that one. I know you can still get them on amazon but only used copies.

  6. I’m very glad you were able to make it today Erin. Lucky Gram….didn’t know she had a prize waiting. I love days like that! Do you think they’ll ever reprint those books Erin?

  7. Hi Erin!
    Love the interview! I’m so enthralled with your Haunting series. I can’t wait to see how it ends. I put in at least one suggestion for the next book. Are you sure there will only be 4 of them? It’s almost like you can write a prequel or two or three… 😀

  8. Hi Ivy–I don’t think they’ll reprint them but I am going to re-release them in eformat–just as soon as I get through this next book and have a minute to dig out the files and get them set up. (For Whispers and Echoes–not for Web of Smoke. I don’t think I even HAVE the files for that anymore)

    LilMissMolly–I may be ending the haunting series, but there are several characters who just have to have their own book and so if my publisher agrees, I’m going to give it to them. 🙂

  9. That’s good news about the ebooks & I hope the publisher agrees. Now I’m going to be wondering which characters!

  10. Hi Erin, I have seen all your books but until now didn’t realize you were using two different names.
    Your books are great. Loved reading more about you.

  11. Hi Sandra, thank you so much! Yes, they are both me. IMHO, the books are not so different that they needed two names, so if you liked one, you’ll probably like the others!

  12. And the winner is…. Randomly selected by Manic Readers–LilMissMolly! Send me an email at write2erinquinn (at) aol dot com and let me know which book you want. (Choices Echoes, Whispers, Haunting Beauty, Haunting Warrior). I do have a Web of Smoke, but it’s used and not in fabulous shape.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by to say hi!

  13. Thank you Erin for being here and congrats to LilMissMolly!

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