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Eternal Flame…Or Why I Still Like Those Bad Boys

By: Cynthia Eden

Once upon a time, there was a hero with a bit of a dark past (way more than a bit). He wasn’t perfect (so far from it). In fact, he had a very, very bad side. He wasn’t a white knight. He was, um, a demon. He could control fire, slip into the minds of humans, and generally cause chaos with a glance.

I loved that hero.  J

Sure, some girls like to write about white knights, but for me, I prefer writing about a more battered and dangerous hero. The hero in my latest novel, ETERNAL FLAME (available 11/30/10) from Kensington Brava, is such a dangerous guy. Zane Wynter is a demon. He’s spent years hunting real-life monsters, and when he’s given his latest assignment, he figures he’ll just be taking down another killer.

Except the killer he’s after turns out to be far more than he expected.

Yes, the “killer” is my heroine—what can I say? I think I like writing about bad girls, too!

Maybe it’s because in real-life, I always do the good girl routine. I bake cookies for my son’s class. I host parties for friends. I always look both ways when I cross the street. All good.

Sometimes, though, you just want to be bad.  So I let my bad side out in my books. I let my characters be as dark and wild as they’d like to be….and I have a blast writing about them.

What about you?  Are you a real-life good-girl?  Do you have a secret crush on the bad boys?  Share with me! One commenter will win a copy of ETERNAL FLAME.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Cynthia Eden

THE NAUGHTY LIST–Available now from Kensington Brava
ETERNAL FLAME–Available 11/30/10 from Kensington Brava

Meaningful comments answering Cynthia’s question y’all!!

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  1. And my apologies on being late with the post!

  2. I am a good girl. I have 2 girls myself so I have to show a good example for them. However, I would love to me a kick a** bad girl who does what she wants all the time and I LOVE bad boys!!! They are so much fun to read about especially when the heroine makes them all crazy and confused and brings out their sensitive side when they don’t even know what is happening to them. That gets me every time!

    Thanks for the amazing books and the fun contest!

  3. Well I tend to be a real-life good-girl. My ex-husband was a bad boy and while it was exciting for a while, it was tough to live with every day. That’s why I enjoy reading about them so much, I can put them up on the shelf after I’m done with them, and take them out for a re-read when I’m in the bad boy mood later.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  4. I’m a good girl now but when I was younger that was not always the case. When I hit my twenties and realized that my actions could really ruin my life things turned around.
    I have always loved the bad boy. They have a heart of gold when you get down deep.

  5. Yes,I am a good girl in real life who loves to read about the bad boys. Although if truth be told my husband did currupt me quite a bit since we met at 16. Prior to meeting him I wouldn’t cuss and there is no way I would of dreamed of having premaritial sex. Well now 18+ years later I cuss like a sailor (except around my mom) and the whole waiting to have sex thing went out the window. I consider myselfy a goody-goody because I feel guilty about the smallest thing that I think would make someone upset with me. I am also team mom for my daughters soccer team on top of working full time. The same dauthter is in drill team and my youngest daughter dance. So basically I let them do any activity they want so they don’t turn out unpopular like I was! They are pretty used to a mom that is untalented and loves escape to an alternate reality by reading paranormal romances almost constantly!!!

    Thanks and I am really looking forward to Eternal Flame, Zane has been one of my favs since Eternal Hunter!

  6. I am a good girl on the surface, but bad girl underneath. LOL What’s that saying? Lady on the street but a freak in the bed? *g* And my guy… he’s a bit of a bad boy with a heart of gold. I wouldn’t change one bit of his bad azz exterior…cuz its sexy as hell!!! And I love to see other women looking at him knowing he’s all mine!! ;p

  7. I’m a good girl, but I do have a little devilry in me from time to time. With that said, I love to read about bad boys, but don’t think that I would want a relationship with one.

  8. I am a good girl and love to read about bad boys. I have never been interested in bad boys in real life. They just dont do good relationships!!!.

  9. Total good girl: in love with the bad boy type. Unfortunately, i am still looking for that special bad boy for me. For now, i will read all of about your bad boys to pass the time. Oh how i enjoy them! Happy writing! Early Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. LOL, Leagh, I want to be like that, too! Thank you!

  11. Linda, I think you’ve got an awesome point. Real-life bad boys can be a bit much. I think I prefer the fictional type!

  12. Viki, I feel like we can all be a bit bad (at some point). Those earlier years are always the hardest!

  13. Maria, I love that your husband corrupted you! That’s kind of sweet (in a bad boy way). I’m so glad to hear that you’re looking forward to Zane’s story! Thank you!

  14. Lynn, that description of yourself is fab!

  15. Hi, Marlene! I agree with you–I married a real-life “good” guy, but I sure enjoy reading about the bad ones!

  16. I am definitely a good girl.. never break the rules, but would love to have the courage and strength to be like the heroines in many of your stories. But I DO LOVE the bad boys, especially the tortured soul who doesn’t realize his true soul and worth. I love when a strong women comes into the life of a bad boy and shakes up their world. It is the perfect formula!

  17. I am definitely a good girl, but I love reading books about bad boys. I love the darkness and mystery around them and how they become soft when they are around people they love. I love that they can be soft, but turn back into bad boys if anyone threatens the people important to him.

  18. Hey Cynthia! As you well know, I love the bad boys, especially yours. In real life though, I guess I am considered a good girl. But boy, I sure do like to read and dream about those bad boys. WAHOOOOO!

  19. I’m a good girl now but haven’t always been and I probably do still have a thing for the bad boy, just don’t follow through any more =0

    Bad boys or at least alpha males are so much more fun to read and write.

  20. I’m a good girl. I’m the “Mom” of my group of friends, always the DD. I’ve earned the name “Mom Pants” because I am the responsible one. Sometimes I hate it, but most of the time I just cannot break out of the mold.

    Definitely have a thing for Bad Boys, but usually too timid to go for them. But I love reading and writing about them!

  21. There’s something oh so delicious about a bad boy. I definitely crush on them – don’t know how well I’d handle one in real life BUT I definitely love reading about a good (wink) bad bad boy – love all the angst and flaws that make him that much more appealing.


  22. I am really a good girl, but I do love a bad boy.

  23. I definitely try to be the good girl. But of course I like bad boys. Who doesn’t? 😉

  24. I’m mostly a good girl and I only like fictional bad boys. Bad boys in real life aren’t worth my time – they’d take too much time and effort to “civilize” (growing up with many guy friends, I knew better than to go for a bad boy). Fictional ones, though, are great; I like to read their character growth, especially if due to the influence of the heroine.

  25. I guess I would be called a good girl but I love reading about those bad boys! I had a bad boy once but he was too bad and i had to kick him to the curb. Now I have a relatively good boy 🙂 I love it when the hero or heroine aren’t perfect. THat can get boring and being bad is always so much fun! 🙂

    kittykelly28 @ hotmail.com

  26. LOL, good point, Nat!

    Taylor, I do hope you find that special bad boy!

  27. Ah, Brooke, you’re a rule follower–just like me. We should start a club!

    Me, too, Stephanie! I love the power of bad boys.

    Hi, Barb! Thank you. 🙂 And dreaming about those bad boys sure is fun!

  28. Darlene, those alpha guys are great fun to read about. In real life, I’m all about an omega, or maybe even a beta guy.

    Kristin, being responsible can be a good thing! I think bad boys are secretly drawn to responsible women.

  29. Anna, I’ve been crushing on bad boys since my Spike days. And will undoubtedly be crushing on them for many, many more years to come.

    So understand that, Donna!

  30. Chelsea, I also hope that the bad boy love is universal! At least for the fictional bad boys!

    infinitieh, oh, there would be some civilizing time–not fun in real life! But in fiction–so fun!

    Hi, Kelly! I hope you and your good boy are very happy! 🙂

  31. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a good girl, I like being a little naughty now and then, more so now than when I was younger but I’m not a “bad” girl either. YES YES YES I love me a bad boy, those goody two shoes can go find themselves another lady. I love Spike (Buffy), Damon (Vampire Diaries), Radu (Subspecies). Hmmm, looks like I like vampire bad boys… interesting.
    babyfro97 at gmail dot com

  32. I am certainly a good girl who likes to be bad sometimes…:))

    And in my fantasies…I definitly love the bad boys….sigh!!!! My hubby is usually a good boy…but he has a bad streak in him that pops up now and again…hehe!!! Certainly makes life interesting if not sometimes a little frustrating.

    in Germany

  33. I have to admit to being a good girl (with a naughty heart) 😀

    I love reading about bad boys and girls though so your books are great for me 😀

  34. Hi, Rachel! I haven’t checked out Vampire Diaries, but I’ll have to tune in now to see what I’ve been missing!

    Hey, Valerie! I think I know a few good boys with that bad streak, too. 🙂

    Ilona, I think being a good girl (with a naughty heart) is the best kind of good girl to be!

  35. I recall vividly my bad boy – leather jacket, pointy beatle boots and tight jeans, red hair, nineteen and he rode a Harley. He had a girl up against the wall and was kissing her neck. I was lost. I couldn’t help it…I married him. 43 years later and he’s still my bad boy, only a grownup one.

  36. Definitely a good girl here, but with a yearning to be bad. I fall in love with all your heroes, bad boys that they are. I know though, down deep that they all have a good side.

  37. Hi, everyone! Thank you very much for all of the comments about the bad boys. 🙂

    I randomly selected a winner, and that person is…Nat Cleary. Congratulations! Please email me at cynthia@cynthiaeden.com to claim your prize.

    To those in the U.S., have a great Thanksgiving!

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