Harlequin’s Patent Your Kiss & Goodies!!

Kisses are awesome and should be preserved, right?  Kisses can convey a wealth of meaning and emotion.  They soothe booboos and start motors racing.  Not much carries quite the impact of a kiss.  Kisses are as varied as the people giving them and here’s your chance to illustrate your own method, vote on your favorite or both!

Visit Harlequin’s fun and delightful site:


Create your own awesome kiss, vote on the kisses, enter for a chance to win an incredible prize; really y’all,  you don’t want to miss this.  I had a large time playing around.

BTW, my favorite kiss is the Against the Wall….those intense looks,  yummy.

What a great kiss kit, huh?  Throw in a few Blaze books & you’ve got quite a nice little package guaranteed to make someones day.  The kiss kit and Blaze books are up for grabs courtesy of Emma at Harlequin.  Sweet isn’t she to offer such a goodie package for one of our lucky commenters?  Chosen at random on February 13th . Good luck!!

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  1. Looks like a the start of perfect night!

  2. My girlfriend would love this!

  3. That was fun being able to create my version of a romantic kiss.

  4. Did you give it a name Laurel?

  5. Well, good luck Baxter…

  6. I want to win this! And the trip to vegas! 🙂

  7. Best of luck to you Kristin!

  8. LOVE IT!!! Never knew I could be sooooo expressive…lol

  9. Do tell Wanda. Did you name it so we can see just how expressive you were?

  10. French Desire…

  11. submitted 2 and cant find them…
    The Wanda Way and Passion from Behind….I give up!

  12. The winner of the kiss kit is *drum roll please*
    Congrats Laurel, ck your email for a message from me.
    Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope y’all had some fun & good luck on the Patent your Kiss contest to everyone!

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