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Gris gris bags may possibly help one achieve weight loss, career goals, or true love.  The bags are made up of pieces of cloth tied together with a string to make it into a small bag.  Gris gris bags may be made with beads, trinkets, rice, stone, herbs, or other interesting ingredients.  Directions or rituals might vary as well.  For example, a person may hide the bag on him or herself for seven days in order for the power to take full effect or simply hang the bag from a rearview mirror.

Many people bought these gris gris bags from a powerful voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau.  She was a hairdresser for the wealthy, and some believe her ability to network was more powerful than her actual voodoo.  However, if you go to St. Louis Cemetery #1, many people believe she is buried there, and her believers still leave trinkets, flowers, three Xs, and continue to ask for her blessings.  Her gris gris bags still live on as well!

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Author Bio:  In her latest release, Child of the Fallen Angels, Diana struggles to find her place in life.  After discovering a new world of witchcraft through a former lover, she tries to take control of the life she feels she worked so hard to build.  Diana finds her spells working, but not quite as she planned.  The energy blesses her with what she wants, but not without balancing those great blessings with great sacrifices.  She ends up using every bit of her strength to withstand adversaries which she herself has inadvertently nourished.

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