Xavier Axelson wraps up the 6 senses

I believe in the power of the sensual world.  My name is Xavier and I am sensualist.  I have written extensively now on the power of the six senses and the journey has been enlightening, tantalizing, and even a little scary.  I was thinking about what I would write this week about the senses. I looked around and took a minute or two to use my senses and feel exactly what it was that was happening around me, and what’d ya know?  The miserable, cold, gloomy weather that is plaguing me in California inspired me to write about a snowy winter memory I have about my time as a kid growing up in the snowdrifts of the East Coast.  Don’t you love how the senses can bring such vivid memories back to us?

The cathedral bell was broken. It was rumored that some kids broke in and did something heinous to it. What Heinous act could be perpetrated on a bell was anyone’s guess but to be honest we were all happy it stopped ringing.  It was snowing; great big, cotton flakes, the kind you could actually catch on your tongue.  In the absence of the bell, other sounds got in under the blanket of the falling snow. Like the tractors, their engines pleading against the cold air as if they were husbands pleading angrily against their chilly wives.  Oh, and the aroma of childhood. The grandmothers made almond cookies and the smell of them was seductive, almost being almost too wonderful to experience in a snow flurry.   Smells of wood stoves, my grandfather always had the one in the barn going; it smelled sharp and strong in the cold, almond dusted air.

There would be no school, no projectors displaying long division or conjunctives.  It would be a day of magic, of things buried in white drifts and the crunch of ice under boots…the cold air made everything sound more important than it really was.  Your words urgent, romantic because you could see them in your breath as you uttered something to someone:  a plan, a wish, a way to make the day pass.

Oh by the way…did you hear?  I have two new books coming out:  “Lily” with Silver Publishing and “The Good Cop” with Seventh Window Publications.  Feel free to also stop by my examiner.com column and say hello…or send me a recipe or cookies… or come by my website!

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