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As an author, I have the privilege of being able to live out lives and careers that I can’t in real life. It gives me the chance to experience the thrills and challenges, all from the comfort of my computer chair. I mean, fore sure I’d love to go sky diving. I’ve had friends who’ve done it. But really, me jump out of a plane…yeah no.

So I make my characters to it instead!

When I sit around with my husband we will occasionally get into the whole, “when the kids are older, I’m totally going to quit my day job and do…” conversations. The one that often comes up is the idea of us opening our own coffee shop. We’re not unfamiliar with entrepreneurship, having owned our own computer store for years, and both of us would love to be our own bosses again. But it won’t happen for awhile. The idea didn’t go away though and I wanted to do something with it.

You see, I love coffee. Adore coffee. The smell and taste, the way it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Being able to spend every day working with it, learning about it, is a wonderful dream.  Sure, I could go work for Starbucks, but it wouldn’t be the same.

I ended up creating a family who opened their own coffee shop as a way of escaping the pressures of their nine-to-five jobs. Yes, it’s more work to run your own business, but you get a sense of satisfaction you can’t get from working for big business.

Ian, Sadie and Paige are living the dream on my behalf. They own a coffee shop in Toronto and have built the business from the ground up. Each story not only deals with their romantic relationships, but how they must work together as business partners as well as siblings.

Sadie must learn how to have confidence in not only herself as a business woman, but as a potential lover for her best friend Paul. Paige is faced with the challenges of being “the boss”, and balancing those pressures with her sexual leanings as a submissive. Ian buries himself in work so he isn’t forced to face what he considers his greatest sin, all while flirting with a mysterious customer.

The Long siblings have their work cut out for them. I hope you’ll come along for the ride…and a cup!

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