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There are days—like recently, when I’ve got over 150 emails in my inbox, 2 commitments for the weekend and a presentation on Monday—when I wish I could run away to a deserted island. I fantasize about being left alone. Then I think what I’d like to have with me.

Some days I’d include my husband on the list. But we’ve been married almost 25 years, so some days I’d leave him home.

If I take my Nook, I’d need a power source, so maybe I’d take some of my old favorites to reread. I never have time to reread anymore—isn’t that sad?

I’d take yarn. I have an afghan I’ve been wanting to make, though a deserted island might be a little warm.

I’d take a nice fluffy beach towel and spend all day at water’s edge. (This is fantasy, so no sun damage!)

I’d take as much Diet Coke as I could carry.

And I’d need a notebook and a good supply of pens so I could write.

My wanna-be-a-hermit list is VERY boring compared to my hero and heroine in Three Days, Two Nights, coming Oct. 24 from Carina Press. Of course, only my hero is planning the vacation—my heroine is caught unawares. My hero is merely taking her away to try to win her back. He has a stash of supplies in readiness, including a mattress, and then lands on the wrong  island and has to improvise.

That works just fine as far as winning her back, until she discovers he planned this all along.

What would you take on a deserted island? Would you want to be alone, or with the one you love? Or like me, does that change from day to day?


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  1. Hmmm…I’d leave the beagle. Would need CokeZero–the ship would need to go down with a full supply…otherwise, paper and pen or I’d wind up writing in the sand…

  2. Lol, Leslie! Would make revising easier!!

  3. LOL–Mary, like you, some days I’d take him, some days I would leave him home! This book sounds wonderful 🙂

  4. An ereader full of books is definitely high on the list as well as a nice supply of desserts. About the men…do you think we could banish them to the other side of the island from time to time? 😉

  5. Thanks, Toni! I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Claudia, that’s a GREAT idea!!! I could sure use that deserted island right about now.

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