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Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance – Just a Way to Play in All the Genres? Growing up, I had very eclectic tastes in books. My aunt would pass along boxes—several at a time—of romance novels for me to borrow. Every brand and subgenre and heat level was included. I was also fond of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. And above all I fancied myself a fantasy connoisseur—with every volume of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance book that had been published by the early ’90’s gracing my shelves alongside Mercedes Lackey and Glen Cook.Somehow all of these swirled together to create a need for a genre that was, at that point in time, just starting to gain popularity (as far as I knew, anyway). Whether you call it urban fantasy or paranormal romance, or even contemporary fantasy, this mixture of genres is what I eventually became addicted to. I wanted everything in the books I read: fantastical elements, love and romance, a good mystery, and touches of the macabre.As a writer, I have found balancing this mixture of genres to be fun—if challenging. How much emphasis to put on solving a murder versus the romance versus the worldbuilding can be tricky, but fun.That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy reading straight romance—of any subgenre. I also still love fantasy and horror and mysteries and the occasional literary tale that defies classification. But I especially appreciate it when they are all swirled together in one story.Do you like your books to have elements from various genres?

Tiffany is generously offering an ecopy of BANSHEE CHARMER to one lucky commenter who answers her question.

Contest ends at midnight est on 1-31-12, winner will be contacted via email shortly thereafter.  Winner has three (3) days to acknowledge or alternate winner will be chosen.


“When she’s sent to a crime scene and finds her second dead woman in as
many weeks, half-banshee detective Kiera “Mac” McLoughlin is convinced a
serial killer is on the loose. Incubi are extinct, her boss insists. But
what else can kill a woman in the throes of pleasure? When her partner is
murdered after using witchcraft to locate the killer and Mac is thrown off
the case, her frustration turns to desperation.Certain the killer is an incubus, Mac works behind her department’s back
to chase down slim, sometimes perilous leads. While the killer eludes her,
she does discover handsome Aidan Byrne, an investigative counterpart from
the enigmatic Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. Mac typically runs her
investigations fast and hard, but with Aidan at her side, she’s running
this one “hot” as well. But Aidan knows more than he’s letting
on—something that could shatter their blazing romance and add Mac to the
killer’s growing body count…”Available at Barnes & Noble for $2.99:Available at Amazon after January 24th, 2012 



Manic Readers BANSHEE CHARMER review

About the Author:

Tiffany Allee currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and
Denver, and is happily married to a secret romantic. She spends her days working in Corporate America while daydreaming about sexy heroes, ass-kicking heroines, and interesting ways to kill people (for her books, of course). Her nights are reserved for writing and bothering her husband and cats (according to them). Her passions include reading, chocolate, travel, wine, and family.

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  1. Hi!
    I love about any genre out there-paranormal is my favorite; but I like a good ass kicking erotic suspense also. Give me a hot drink, a comphy chair, chocolate, a steamy romance & I’m in my own little imaginative(is that a word?) world!
    Thanks for the contest, your book sounds

  2. I love all types of genre but above all there seems to be a trend for me at least to have some form of romance in them. So yea I love mish mash books and my only problem sometimes is finding where the book store puts them.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for Giveaway!
    Consider myself an Very Eclectic Person, with extremely Eclectic Tastes! Have read almost every genre, that interests me at that time!
    But, ‘My Favs’ include: Romance & various Beings in Magickal Paranormal World!
    In fact consider myself addicted to them!
    Banshee:New & interesting inclusion to ‘My Favs’ & look forward to reading book!

    )0( Warmest Blessings )0(

    *Paranormal Romance is Magickal*

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