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Patricia, thank you for taking time to visit Manic Readers so we can learn a bit about you and your books.


Marrying The Marquis Enticing_The_Prince Tempting_The_Prince Pleasuring the Prince Seducing the Prince To Love a Princess To_Charm_A_Prince



Marrying The Marquis Tempting_The_Prince Pleasuring the Prince

You’ve written quite a few books, The Flambeau Sisters series, The Douglas Trilogy, The Dukes Trilogy, The Devereux Sisters, and the Kazanov Series.

I’m curious, why Russian royalty?

The short answer is I lived there in another life.  *LOL*  The long answer is my choice of a Russian prince is a mystery, even to me.  Authors know certain facts before writing, but some characters and incidents just pop into her mind as she’s writing.  The only prince I ever planned was Rudolf Kazanov.  I liked him so much I gave him brothers and brought them to England.  Then I started bringing the cousins over.  So, there’s no great strategy.  



To Tempt An Angel  To Catch A Countess


no decent gentleman to tame a duke ebook



The Pagan Bride Courting An Angel highland belle highland belle

Why historicals?

I started writing in 1985 (Published in 1990).  Historical Romance was King (or Queen).  That’s what I was reading for pleasure so, naturally, that’s what I wrote.  I do adore murder and mayhem, which is the reason I’m trying my hand at a contemporary romantic mystery,,, hopefully a series.  I will continue the Kazanov/ Flambeau series.  I don’t want my historical readers coming after me with pitchforks.

What’s your modus operandi for writing?  Is there anything special you need?

I need paper, large index cards, black and red pens.  That means I create using paper and pen, not computer.  When I finish a chapter, I type it into the computer.

Out of all your series do you have a favorite?

A favorite character? I don’t have a favorite series or character.  At least, I would have tons of trouble choosing one.  I think my top favorite books are:  Courting An Angel, Enticing The Prince, Violets In The Snow, To Tame A Duke, My Heart’s Desire, Desert Eden..

What’s your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing is planning and revising.  I don’t mind research, though.  You cannot imagine the wealth of useless information inside my brain.

Least favorite part of writing?

My least favorite part of writing is THE BLANK PAGE.  Notice all capitals?  That’s how much I dislike it.  Once I get started I’m usually okay and calm down.

How did it feel to win your first award?

I felt surprised and worried that someone had made a big mistake.

There’ve been a lot of changes in publishing recently.  Which do you find the most exciting?
Which bothers you the most?

As Charles Dickens wrote, it was the best of times: it was the worst of times.  Electronic publishing is less expensive, which means people can buy more authors.  What bothers me is many unpublished in print are writing and posting without learning what they should about the craft.  Writing and posting is so easy.  Not everyone who wants to be published should be; those that should be published eventually are, perhaps, going for broke too soon.  Anyone who wants to bypass agents and print publishers should invest the money in hiring a free –lance editor.  And that includes authors already published.  Even me.

How did you decide which of your books to make available in ebook first?

You may not believe this, but authors are the schoolteachers of the publishing world unless the author is a BIG NAME.  I didn’t decide which books should be available for ebooks.  I don’t have the power to make a book available unless I own the rights and want to sell it independently.  E-reads.com is offering four of my titles, and Lachesis Publishing will be offering the rest.

Are you excited to be re-releasing your out of print list?

I’m very excited about my older books becoming available.  Many readers have emailed me asking for them.  You can’t imagine the number of times I’ve sent a free older book to a reader who could not find what she missed.  After a while, I don’t have any extra books to give.

I read that you live with spirits?  Can you tell us a bit about living with spirits/ghosts?
Is it scary or comforting?

I do live with four spirits (2 adults, 1 child, 1 dog).  I’ve had many psychics and ghost hunters visit.  Most people who visit have experiences.  Doors open and close, lights go on and off, items are moved, footsteps are heard.  On rare occasions, voices.  One person saw a full-bodied apparition walking down the stairs.  I’m not afraid because I know 3 of the 4.  The one I don’t know is a little  boy who died here before I was born when the house was actually a carriage house for horses and carriages.  He fell off the loft and he’s still waiting for his sister.  Eventually, he will be taken care of… The adults are my parents, and my mother will take the boy with her when she leaves for good. (I never imagined my family would be ghosts)  The dog is the last family dog we had.  When my sister visits, she refuses to go upstairs.  She’s afraid.  I’m not, though the boy pulls pranks sometimes to let me know he’s here.  I always know when my cats are seeing one of the spirits.

Can you satisfy our curiosity and tell us about the humorous mystery you’re writing?
When can we look for it?

I’m not finished writing my humorous mystery so I can’t say when it will sell to a publisher and be available to readers.  I’m planning to use the pseudonym Cat MacArthur (my mother was Catherine and her mother was a MacArthur from Prince Edward Island)
Here’s a  short synopsis of the mystery:  The setting is Salem, Massachusetts.  Zara Romano is a clever, gutsy mortician who dislikes funerals.  Zara loves her career but fears dying a formaldehyde-scented spinster.  She discovers Salem’s mayor (an old friend) doing the dead man’s jig from the business end of a noose on Gallows Hill.  Ignoring the warnings from a former flame (a police detective), Zara investigates the crime.  When each of her prime suspects is murdered in turn, Zara must consider unusual suspects—a member of Salem’s militant Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, one of Salem’s witches, or even a real vampire.  Meanwhile, her former flame is dogging her every move and threatening her with protective custody.

Is there any other genre or sub-genre you’d like to write in?

For the moment, I’m sticking with historicals and humorous mystery.  I must confess I like Elizabethan times more than Regency.

Do you have a favorite book?
Are you currently reading a good book?

I can’t pick one book as a favorite.  I do have favorite authors:  Sandra Brown, Linda Howard and several Harlequin Presents authors (Sandra Marton, Lynne Graham, Michelle Reid).   I’m addicted to Harlequin Presents, which I can read in one evening.  If I read a bigger book, my life screeches to a halt until I finish the book.  Not a good thing when I have work to do.

Anything special you’d like us to know?

I’ll share a few secrets:  I’m grateful that I’m not allergic to peanut butter. I have a massive crush on Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player, even though I’m old enough to be his mother.  Okay, old enough to be his grandmother.  My favorite television shows are Boardwalk Empire, True Blood (I’m on team Erik), The Walking Dead, Revenge, and Smash.  I’m a dog person who lives with ten cats.  Yikes!
Manic Readers?  Love the name.


Thank you, Patricia.  It definitely describes me most of the time!  Thanks again for visiting with Manic Readers, Patricia.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit about you.

Patricia is graciously giving away an ecopy of PAGAN BRIDE to one lucky commenter.   Meaningful comments only, giveaway ends @ 12am est. April 12th, winner to be announced shortly thereafter.  Good Luck y’all!

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  1. WooWee! What a hottie on the front of Pagan Bride! Give me a man with a sword any day. Make him Scottish and you have me really drooling :)It’s like icing on the cake.

    I really enjoyed this interview. I like the fact that you write on paper before committing to type. I would see myself doing that were I to try to write. I also love the fact you live with ghosts. I had them in a previous home and my cats saw them too. I sensed them and saw a dark shadow one time but never felt threatened nor scared by it.The hair stood on my arms when I read where your mother will take the boy with her when she goes. For some reason, that just touched me deep inside 🙂

  2. What a fantastic interview! All of your books have such gorgeous covers.
    We had spirits that lived in our woods in a previous home. You could actually see them walking up and down the mountain at night. It freaked me and the dogs out on several occasions.
    I keep hearing publishing people say that historicals are dead. I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE to read historical romance. They take me back to a time when life was simpler (no technology) and people worked HARD for what they had. Maybe that’s just me:)
    I have added your name to my list of “to buy” authors. Thank you Patricia and Manic Readers!

  3. I have to agree with Leah and Gemma – the covers of your books are gorgeous! I’m so intrigued that you live with spirits; I think that would be exciting, especially knowing who they are. And how wonderful that your mother will take care of the little boy. This was a great interview – thank you all!

  4. I agree that is a very nice back on the cover of Pagan Bride :). This was a very informative interview. Thank you.

  5. Very nice interview. Your books are very good.

  6. Congrats, Karen C!

    You’ve won an ecopy of PAGAN’S BRIDE. Please check your email and spam.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope to see y’all often in the future.

  7. WTG KAREN!!

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