Chatting with Shiloh Walker

Shiloh, it’s great to have you visit again.  Do you still have to remind yourself to behave?
The last time you were here BROKEN had just come out.  I understand your HUNTER series is ending.  Sorry to hear that.  My friend KD will be especially disappointed, she was a huge fan of your Hunters.

What about GRIMM TIDINGS…. GRIMM #6?  Haven’t read these yet but they sound really good.  Too bad I have to sleep.

I think a lot of the people who’ve enjoyed my Hunters would probably like the Grimm books.  It’s something to check out.

Can you tell us about your Ash Trilogy, IF YOU HEAR HER, IF YOU SEE HER, & IF YOU KNOW HER, please?

Hmmm…well, I set a serial killer loose in small-town Kentucky.  Basically, the entire series idea came from the heroine of book one, Lena.  Lena heard screams one night and called in a report about them, but when the county cops came to investigate, there wasn’t a body.  The deputy on scene didn’t disbelieve her, but when you can’t find a body, what do you do?  Then a body shows up and things really start to get crazy.

Were you excited to have IF YOU HEAR HER make it into DABWAHA?
Loved the pic of Puck & Ezra you used to encourage votes!  

I was…I was quite tickled.  I figured I’d have to pull out all the stops to give Julie James any kind of fight at all. I didn’t beat her, but I think the awesome dog and the sexy dude helped a little.  At least I wasn’t thoroughly left in the dust. 😉

You write in several genres, do you find that each satisfies a different creative urge?

Absolutely.  I get bored easily so bouncing around fires my creativity.

When I first saw the title STOLEN I thought it was going to tie in with The Rafferty Brothers~ BROKEN and FRAGILE.
Will STOLEN be a stand alone or do you have any plans to make it part of a series?

STOLEN is a standalone…completely.  

You’re part of HOT IN HANDCUFFS, boy this sounds juicy! So we have THE UNWILLING to look forward to this summer and STOLEN in the fall?  You’ve got a busy year!













Are you going to be having any signings in the near future?

The next event I’m attending will be Romantic Times in Chicago, and then Lori Foster & Duffy Brown’s event in June.

Is there a genre you’d like to write in that you haven’t yet?

Urban fantasy…I’ve got some stuff that I’ve written, it’s just a matter of selling it and trying to get it out there.  I’d love to explore it more.

As busy as you are what do you do to de-stress and relax?

Hot bath and a book!  Or a date with my guy.

Reading anything good?

Always…lol.  I’ve read several good books lately, including Myke Cole’s CONTROL POINT,  an early look at Stacia Kane’s next Downside book, SACRIFICIAL MAGIC, Thea Harrison’s ORACLE’S MOON, and an early look at something from Ilona Andrews, but I fear mentioning it for fear of getting mobbed.  There was something else another friend sent me…and um.  Mobbing.  So… *G* Silence.

You’re quite the tease aren’t you, Shiloh?

Anything special you’d like to share with us?



With HUNTER’S RISE being the final HUNTER book, I’d love to send it out with a bang…the majority of these books work just fine as a standalone and this one definitely does.  You can check out an excerpt at my site

Thanks so much for taking the time to come back and visit, Shiloh.  I’ve enjoyed chatting with you again.

Thanks for having me!


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  1. Nice interview. Thank you. I love Shiloh’s books :).

  2. I haven’t read any of Shiloh’s books yet and wanted to learn more. Thanks for the interview. I made a point to be here today to catch this. I love learning about new authors and get a taste of their worlds. By the way Shiloh, Lena is almost my name…Lenna. The double n changes the e to a short sound.

  3. Thanks, Manic readers for having me… Viki, nice seeing you here! Glittergirl, if you decide to pick something up, I hope you enjoy it!. Lena was fun to write.

  4. I enjoyed the interview and learning about the new books coming from Shiloh. I haven’t had the opportunity to read all of the Hunter series yet. I must have head buried in the sand because I hadn’t heard of the Ash trilogy, but it’s on my list now!!

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