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Accidental Intent is a romantic murder mystery that has gone to the dogs and some really killer footwear. My lead character Lucy is a dedicated dog trainer. Maybe a little too dedicated– it kind of puts her into life threatening situations.
When I sat down to write Accidental Intent, it was just after my first e-pub, Summerland, had been released. Summerland was a contemporary romance set in the wilds of the L.A. fashion district. So I had it in my head to write another romance set in Colorado. Lucy began whispering in my ear immediately. She showed me her dogs, a bloodhound named Rufus and a St. Bernard named Baloo. I was hooked.
Lucy had to have a love interest of course. It wouldn’t be much of a romance without one. Nicolai emerged out of the shadows. Tall, muscular with shoulder length, jet black hair and startling ice blue eyes. Without a word, he stood there in the mist with his Greek godlikeness *sigh*. He had me with a finger wave.
Well there it was, I had my female lead, her romantic love interest an fun opening scene (which now starts Chapter Two) now all I need is a conflict. It didn’t take long for one to show up in the form of a dead body.
GREAT! A dead body in the middle of my off to a good start contemporary romance. Nicolai stepped forward. “Oh,” he said. “Did I mention I was a homicide detective?” He tried to give me one of his seductive half smiles. Seriously? Did he think that was going to help me? A dead body was not in my pliable storyline. Like any good writer, I began typing away, waiting to see where the story took me.
Bad guys started to emerge and I had no idea who they were. The body count began to rise and in the wake of their carnage I had to try and figure out what was going on with this story. I had to really try and channel my inner James Patterson for answers.
Three months later I typed The End on a fun murder mystery romp that holds danger, intrigue, hot romance, goofy dogs, annoying exes, a lot of coffee and some incredibly fashion forward footwear.
Desi Moon


When drugs and murder invade sleepy Longmont, Colorado, Lucy Lafferty, resident dog trainer, finds her quiet existence turned inside out with her name added to a rising body count. And that wouldn’t be good for her four-legged furry family or her prized designer shoe collection.

During the rising heat of summer, Lucy Lafferty reaches the conclusion that men aren’t worth the effort, especially with an ex-sex partner who pushes to revive a relationship that never existed. But when she’s thrown together on a murder investigation with Detective Nicolai Petrovski, the mercury rises to dangerous levels that have nothing to do with the season. Investigating a backwoods dog rescue unknowingly puts them both into dangerous territory and Lucy, despite all her bravado, can’t help falling for the magnetic cop.
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Conversation filled the large meeting hall. Glasses clinked, laughter mingled with the perfumed air, and Lucy Lafferty stewed. Surrounded by a group of self-absorbed entrepreneurs, Lucy mentally reaffirmed she didn’t like people.
Looking at her watch for the tenth time in as many minutes, Lucy wondered where the hell Bryan was. She called him half an hour ago. For a casual lay, Bryan was becoming fairly dependable. Maybe a little too dependable. Lucy glanced at her watch again. Bryan was a no show.
Candace and Janie, two of her best friends, were also no shows. Damn them. It was their idea to come to this thing. A phone call would have been nice, Lucy had better things to do than stand around with a bunch of strangers making small talk.
A small high pitched voice broke into Lucy’s thought process. “Lacey, what do you do?”
“It’s-uh- Lucy, actually.” She couldn’t tear her eyes way from the wall of cleavage coming at her. The woman standing next to her smiled a perfect lipstick smile, not knowing or caring that her “girls” were threatening to abandon the sequined ship they had been stuffed into.
“Oh, Lucy, oops.” The woman covered her mouth with mock embarrassment. “I was close. What is it that you do, Lucy?”
“I own a dog training facility,” Lucy pointed to the embroidered logo on her navy blue polo shirt.
“Dog training?” One of the gentlemen in the group barely hid his distain. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, seeing as I’m a business owner,” Lucy squared her shoulders and silently cursed her friends again for standing her up. “I thought this was the Chamber of Commerce Business Hour.”
“Well, yes,” the woman replied, her eyes fluttering dramatically. “But it’s for actual business owners.”
“Oh,” Lucy tried to put on her most apologetic face. “I’m sorry. What was I thinking? Showing up here and trying to look respectable.” She thunked her head with the palm of her hand. “I’d never dream of associating my dog training facility with your brothel.” She shook her head as she moved out of the group. “What would people think?”
“What?” The woman’s jaw dropped into her swelling cleavage. “I own a catering business!” She yelled at Lucy’s retreating figure.
“I shudder to think what your specials are,” Lucy said quietly as she scanned the room for something that resembled a coffee maker.

Desi (Moon lives in Boulder, CO with her husband Eben, two kids and an ever growing menagerie.
She has two full length books out right now. A contemporary romance, Summerland and a romantic suspense, Accidental Intent. Desi also has a short story in the Tempting Cupid Anthology titled “My Humiliating Valentine” and in June will be a part of the Dad Plan Anthology with a short titled “For the Love of Mac”
An animal activist and a Project Runway junkie, Desi is also an avid Muay Thai kickboxer and loves to bake decadent “plant based” desserts.

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  1. So incredibly happy to be here! I think I saw someone with a tray of mimosas and cupcakes… I’ll track them down! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Desi,

    Sounds great fun! And you sold me on ‘a lot of coffee’ – characters need to be true to life (mine, anyway, lol.). Your book is on my TBR list. x

  3. Thanks for stopping by Dianna! Yes, my characters consume a lot of coffee because I am a coffee snob (addict), and the girls of AI seem to congregate where coffee is plentiful LoL

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