A few questions from Ivy and a giveaway

I was thinking the other day.  Those simple words fill DH with dread but these thoughts are fairly benign, more questions really.

Have your reading tastes changed or expanded over the years?    

 Mom read to us when we were little.  Little Women, Little Men, Eight Cousins, Freckles etc…I always looked forward to those evenings.

Then I discovered Uncle Jimmy’s comic books, super heroes to westerns.  There was magic in those bubbles and it frustrated me no end that I couldn’t decipher it.

When I did start learning to read I was bored witless by Dick and Jane.  I left them behind asap and moved on to The Boxcar Children, Pippi Longstocking, and Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Independence was a big thing with me. 








I discovered Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.   Jimmy Harris introduced me to Vampirella and Roald Dahl.  Yep, Vampirella, pretty precocious.

At 11 I discovered Poe and at 13 I happened across Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and Rosemary Rogers.  Romance and history, I was in heaven.  Mom had to write a note to the local librarian giving me permission to check out whatever I wanted, the horror!  I adore Ashes in the Wind and never made it past the third chapter of Gone With the Wind.   Yes, I still have several of them.  Moonstruck Madness thrilled me no end.  The heroine was a highwayman!   


Mr.Reid, my English teacher junior year actually encouraged me to read Jacqueline Susann and Anya Seton.  I’m grateful to him.  Green Darkness was my first paranormal romance.  Anyone else read it? Agree with the paranormal romance label, yes or no?









I moved on to Sidney Sheldon, P.N. Elrod, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Agatha Christie, Taylor Caldwell, Ellis and Elizabeth Peters, Sayers, Marsh, Heyers, Stewart, Bradshaw, Weir, Lawhead, Binchy and many others.  

I was all over the place but had left historical romances behind.   

Several years ago I spotted The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. I’d rediscovered historicals and while today’s historical’s rarely have the scope and range those from the 70’s had I enjoy them just as much.

So y’all tell me about your literary journeys.  Is there anything you refuse to read?  Have you expanded or decreased your genres?

Someone who comments will get their choice of 2 books from the list below.  These are from my personal shelves so they’ve been read but they’re in great shape.

Let’s hear those stories y’all!    

Here’s the goody list                                                                                                                     ******************                                                                                                     

Wicked Fantasy & Wicked Pleasure ~Nina Bangs   Castle of Dark Dreams series.  

Primal Instincts ~Susan Sizemore        Golden Chances ~Rebecca Hagan Lee                              

The Bane Affair~ Alison Kent tradepaper              Black Magic Woman ~Christine Warren ~Other’s srs. HB

Hot for the Holidays Anthology ~Lora Leigh,Angela Knight,Anya Bast and Allyson James   hardback 

Eyes of Justice ~ Lis Wiehl  A Triple Threat ~hardback

The Agreement ~Constance O’Banyon               Out of the Light into the Shadows~ Lori Foster/Erin McCarthy

Cupid Cats~Katie Mac Alister                                                      Fire & Ice~ Anne Avery

Dream Shadows ~Ingrid Weaver                                               Caught in the Act~ Lori Foster

British Bad Boys~ Nancy Warren tradepaper                   Bad Boys of Summer ~Lori Foster anthology tradepaper

Perfect for the Beach  ~ Bad Boys to Go  ~ I Brake for Bad Boys  Lori Foster & others (anthologies) tradepaper

Code Name: Blondie ~Christina Skye hardcover             Lick of Frost~Laurell K. Hamilton tradepaper

Blood Lite II: Overbite anthology                     One Night with the Wealthy Rancher ~Brenda Jackson ~ signed

The Triumph of the Sun ~ Wilbur Smith

Contest ends at midnight est July 9th. Winner announced shortly thereafter 


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  1. My reading tastes have expanded to include genres & sub-genres I had not even heard of ten years ago. I cannot bring myself to read straight up horror though.

  2. I have definitely expanded my reading to include more genres. But, I have to say that even in high school I was reading what might have been considered racy for a teen back then…Amanda Quick for instance. Now I read anything from historical romance to M/M.

  3. The first book I ever read for pleasure was Danielle Steele’s The Promise. I read everything by her and then my tastes matured. I love Linda Howard and Julie Garwood, who introduced me to Historical romance when I read her backlist. Same with Catherine Coulter.

  4. Green Darkness-yes! It was my first paranormal romance, before they were ever called that! I have a *well worn* copy still on my shelf-I haunted my library book sales until they put one out there and I grabbed it. Still love it. I Started with Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and, unlike most of the girls my age, The Hardy Boys. Fell in love with romance during my teens with my aunt’s old Romance magazines (True Story was my favorite) Now I will read almost anything.

  5. @Mary Preston~ I can if it’s a ghost story. Don’t like the slasher stuff…

    @Yvette Ditto, hence the note.

    @LilMissMolly I remember reading The Promise. Read all DS’s books until I was 17 or 18.

    @Nancy Gilland Always have an eye out for a better copy too! Green Darkness transported me, loved it! Remember those magazines! They sounded so racy & so weren’t..:) Did you ever read the Photoromances that were popular for awhile, from Italy I think they were. I still have a bunch of those. They were so unique & I enjoy going back through them.

  6. My tastes have definitely expanded over the years. I was the kid who moved from the elementary shelves in the school library a year early. My favorites were the Laura Ingalls series. I re-read that series constantly. I still love historicals, my favorites being the Scottish ones. However, paranormal and a few erotic romances have made their way onto my shelves. Never mind the contemporary romances that litter my shelves. I’ve read those since I was about thirteen. I still have my favorites I fall back into from time to time, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and, yes, Gone with the Wind:) Great post, Ivy. Glad to see I’m not the only one who cringes when they hear the words, “So, I’ve been thinking…” from their spouse:)

  7. My reading history is much like yours. I’m amazed at how many of the early, earlies (Alcott, etc.) I still enjoy, while most of the others not so much.

  8. @Gemma Glad you enjoyed it..:) I never read the Little House series but occasionally watched the show. I haven’t read Tolkien and didn’t get into Fantasy until I read MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE~SOLD and THE NICE AND ACCURATE PROPHESIES OF AGNES G. NUTTER, WITCH aka GOOD OMENS, and Tom Holt. These are all still with me…
    I love Ailina but Scarlet got on my last nerve. 🙂
    When I say that to him he usually says. “Well stop, you do too much of that.”
    Seeing me w/ tools also gets him motivated. He swears that’s one of his worst nightmares, me w/ power tools..
    It gives me shivers down my spine when he says, “Trust me, it’s no big deal.”

  9. @Liz Flaherty Those are everlasting, aren’t they? I still love some of those old historicals too and still have them.

  10. Scarlet was more than a bit of a drama queen, but I fell in love with Rhett. I read the spin off novel called “Rhett Butler’s People” and fell deeper in love with the man. He may have been an arrogant sob, but he was that way for a reason, according to the author.
    My hubby turns his head when I get into the tools. Unless I’m hanging a shelf, then out comes the level, the pencil, the nails, and hammer. I’ve tried to tell him, I can hang a shelf, but he’s always afraid things will roll off. LOL

  11. @Gemma, at least it’s only shelves he breaks out the level for. 🙂
    I thought Scarlet was a twit & I just can’t abide twits.

  12. I’ve expanded by genres. I’ll read almost anything just to see if I’ll like it.

  13. Ivy, That’s a great list of authors. My list would sound similar but I did finish GWTW. At first, I couldn’t get past Chapter 1, but saw the film and went back to it. I would also add John Jakes, Robin Cook, Stephen King, Patricia Matthews, Valerie Sherwood, Jackie Collins..there’s more, I’m sure, but I’ve only had one cup of coffee!

    @Gemma…I loved Rhett Butler’s People too. I really enjoyed reading Rhett’s background and how he became the man he was.

  14. @Karen Read those..:) Cook got repetitive for me, King lost me w/ Pet Cemetery (the little boy, the kids in Salem’s Lot didn’t bother me but this one did) & who didn’t want to be Lucky? I did! I’ve never seen GWTW either.

  15. I use to read a little of everything, but pretty much stopped at historical romance and fiction with elements of history (think Steve Berry), or one of my favorite historical romance authors who branches out into romantic suspense (like Catherine Coulter).

  16. Hi Ivy –

    I grew up in a small village in up-state New York and I can remember one summer when I was in 5th grade when I was returning the Nancy Drew mystery I had just finished but the next one in the series had been checked out. I wandered around and happened upon the “biography” section and ended up picking up a biography about Carla Barton. The rest of the summer I read a different biography almost every week about a different famous woman!

    It wasn’t until I was in High School and had to read Cervantes’ Don Quixote that I fell in love with historical romance! I still love to read a mystery once in a while or a historical fiction book but now my genre of choice are historical romance.

    I think the older I get the more I need a little space and quiet time and historical romance never fails to give me that “take me away calgon” moment when I can forget about the “real world” even if only for a short time!

  17. @Jeanne Miro Have you read the Uppity Women series? Love those!

  18. I adored Little Women and have just finished reading it to my own kids. Anne of Green Gables was another absolute favourite. I read every book in the series at least once and then sobbed buckets when I recently read Anne to my daughters. My eldest has now read the whole series twice, in tandem with The Hunger Games. I like the fact that she can read with equal passion something written nearly 100 years ago as something contemporary.

    I guess that’s what gives me hope as an historical romance author. It’s what you feel like reading at the time that counts. I’m just getting more adventurous again with trying out different genres – reading and writing.

  19. Sweet of you to stop by Beverley! Anne wasn’t on my list until I was an adult.

    I didn’t have any girls that I could read those to, all boys. I read them Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Three Musketeers etc..The latter was thanks to Wishbone. Don’t know if y’all had that series but that little jack russell terrier telling those classic stories to kids was great. Loved that show & believe it contributed to my boys reading.

    It’s wonderful the mix of old & new books provide…Yay for your daughter.

    I’m definitely a mood reader.

    Enjoy the adventure, Beverley! I look forward to reading what you come up with wherever the spirit takes you!

  20. I haven’t heard of Island of the Blue Dolphins but the Three Musketeers was a good one! The little boys here in Australia are right into Beast Quest which seems to get them into reading. I’ve just finished a great book – The Mother’s Group by Fiona Higgins published by Allen & Unwin. It’s just out now and she’s an Australian author who stopped in town for an author chat. I really recommend that one – very deep with a twist.

    So many great books out there. It’s always nice to get a recommendation. I’m nearly finished Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love. He wrote Atonement though I only saw the film. His book is gripping but it’s a paperback which is harder to read when I’m knitting 🙂

  21. The Mother’s Group isn’t available to me, Beverley. Too bad because deep w/ a twist is right up my alley..Ian McEwan is so I’ll have to add that to the list. Like I’m not behind enough!
    Multi-tasking huh? True, PB’s don’t stay open as well as HB’s.

  22. I started out with Dick And Jane then to the Black Stallion and other horse books. Just in the last five years I started reading the erotic books and other books of that are of different worlds. I loved reading Little Women books and Nancy Drew books.

  23. Ivy –

    I never read the Uppity Women series. They closed our local bookstore so I’ll have to call our local library or Amazon to see if they are available for my Kindle!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  24. I decided to draw for 2 winners instead of 1.

    Congrats to Gemma & Karen H in NC. Check your emails.
    Y’all have 3 days to get me your choices & addresses.
    If the same book is selected it’s first to respond that will
    receive it.

    Thanks to everyone for visiting! 🙂
    We’ve got some lovely guests & great giveaways coming up. Hope to see y’all soon & often!

  25. My taste in books has changed alot. The only books I dont care to read are Vampires,Paranormal,sci-fy. I recently discovered historical romances. I seem to like those alot. When I was in middle school, i read Judy Bloom. I have passed those books on to my daughter. She will be starting middle school this year.

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