In Praise of (supportive) Husbands by Beverley Oakley aka Beverley Eikli with giveaway

My darling husband often tells me I have a devious mind. He means it in the nicest possible way. As one of of my greatest fans (I’m afraid mine are the only historical romances he reads) he’s the kind of man who’ll interpret that far-away look in my eye as I’m doing the washing up as serious plotting rather than boredom.  And praise me for my dedication to my craft. 

When I first met this gorgeous Norwegian bush pilot, whose name is Eivind, around a camp fire in Botswana the evening before I was to fly home to Australia to my stockbroker boyfriend of eight years, I was surprised at the interest he showed in the historical romance I’d spent the previous three years writing.

 And when the stockbroker boyfriend moved onto greener pastures and I wrote to Eivind on the excuse of asking him to meet my sister at Maun airport (as she was following in my footsteps to manage a safari camp in Botswana), Eivind wrote back and asked for a floppy disk of my book. (Yes, this was 18 years ago and e-mail was not a form of communication in Botswana at that time.)

 The darling man ploughed through all 500 pages of it before jumping onto a plane eight months later and flying to my home in Adelaide, South Australia, to ask me to marry him – though I don’t believe his proposal was entirely due to the quality of the never-to-be published romance I’d written.

Nevertheless, he’s remained a huge support with his encouragement. 

Often, when I’ve finished writing a book I’ll take the children out and he’ll spend a day with his feet up reading my all-but-final draft on his iPad before I return – with nails bitten down to the quick – to await his verdict.

Sometimes he’ll simply say: “It was great. I love the way your mind works” before presenting me with his useful fine-edits. On a different occasion he’ll shake his head – like he did with my Regency Intrigue Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly written under my Beverley Eikli name – and say, “Your villain did not get what he deserved! You’ve got to make Olivia just give it to him when she gets the chance!

So, having in a sense been given permission, I launched into that creepy crypt scene with fists flying and pistols pounding.

It wasn’t until round three, though, that we were all happy…. except my villain, of course. 

One of the few stories my husband hasn’t read – because he was doing his Boeing 737 Command – is my latest erotic English Civil War release, The Cavalier. It’s also the one I’m most interested and anxious to have his verdict on as the story takes place on the eve – and during the siege – of my heroine’s castle and it contains lots of the stuff men like to read.

The Cavalier is an action-packed 20,000-word erotic drama full of lusty exploits, passion, tender moments, revenge and sword play.

And I’m really keen to hear his opinion – from a man’s point of view, not a husband’s.



Drummond Castle, home of staunch Puritan Silas Drummond and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, has been besieged by Royalist forces. In a bargain to spare her husband’s life Lady Elizabeth has agreed to spend the night with the commander of the hated King’s Men. 

Second-in-command, Charles Trethveyan, has other ideas. He’s planned this moment since Elizabeth chose to marry Silas eight years before.

 When Elizabeth discovers that her former Cavalier lover has taken the place of his superior, she must decide whether Charles is motivated by love or revenge.

Either way, her response will have devastating consequences.

The Cavalier is available on pre-order discount until July 16, when it’s officially released.



I usually write Regency Romances – either traditional under my Beverley Eikli name, or sensual or erotic under my pseudonym, Beverley Oakley. However this gritty, sometimes brutal story had been begging to be written for a long time. I love historical author Pamela Belle’s work. Her brilliant English Civil War Wintercombe series has resonated over decades with me. I’ve also devoured everything I can find to do with seventeenth century diarist Samuel Pepys and his life. As a history major and lover of social histories for as long as I can remember, I’m comfortable with the time period.

Honour and loyalty are two of my favourite themes and integral to a romance set against civil conflict when families and friends could be fighting on opposing sides.

Writing it made me feel that the pen really is mightier than the sword. (Despite what my husband might think.)

Beverley is generously giving away winners choice of an ecopy of RAKE’S HOUNOUR or LADY LOVETT’S LITTLE DILEMMA.  Giveaway ends @12am est 7-20-12.  Good luck!  Beverley has some lovely wicked twists to her stories.







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  1. I love historical romance and add some spice…oh yeah!

  2. Hi Yvette,

    I love a romance with a good plot and a sting in the tail, too. Add a hero who has to grovel in order to win his true love and I’m sold. We write what we like to read, and I think so many of Georgette Heyer’s romances had such satisfying endings that made one laugh out loud. That’s what I really like!

  3. The Civil War of England was just a facinating time period.. thanks for the introduction of a new to me author in Beverly — whose own love story was very touching!!

  4. Beverly –

    I love that you write both Regency Romances as well as sensual/erotic and that your husband “critiques” you work! My usual genre is historical romance and my husband loves historical fiction as well as history books so every once in a while I’m able to get him to read one of “my” books!

    I checked out both your website as well as your blog and facebook page and can’t wait to read your books! Thanks to Manic Readers for “introducing” you to me!

    I’d love to win a copy of Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma! With all the books my husband has been buying my Kindle has been complaining it’s needs a new book!

  5. Hi Cate,

    Lovely to meet you and to find a fellow lover of the English Civil War. With brother fighting against brother on account of religion and politics, it throws up so many heart-rending possibilities in fiction. It’s the only Civil War story I’ve tackled but the English Civil War is the specialty of another of Australian writer, a friend of mine, Alison Stuart, who’s written some great ones.

    And thank you about the comment regarding my own love story. I feel very lucky.

  6. Hi Jeanne,

    A love of writing historical romance seems to have been genetically programmed into me. Ever since I could read, historicals of all persuasions were what drew me and I always liked to intersperse reading the Classics, like North and South and Little Dorrit with historical authors closer to my own time who were writing *of* the past, like Georgette Heyer, Karleen Koen, Lucinda Brant (great for Georgian intrigues), Anna Jacobs (who writes fabulous British sagas) and Janet Woods. These are just some of my favourites!

    So I know what you mean about one’s kindle groaning under the weight. Actually, I don’t own a kindle but I love my iPad for reading (passed down to me from DH, actually).

    Good luck for the draw and thank you for naming your preference. Always interesting to know what type of storyline appeals. Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma is very different from my swashbuckling Rake’s Honour and quite different from my Beverley Eikli historicals.

    Everyone’s names will go into a computer-generated ‘dice’ so best of luck!

    And now, time to catch a couple more hours of sleep. It’s 4.30am here in Australia.

  7. Found your blog from Google, thank you for the wonderful read.

  8. Thank you, Travel,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    All the best,


  9. I enjoyed the post. The books sound good.

  10. Thanks bn100. I’ve met you on quite a lot of blogs, I think. You’re obviously a keen romance reader.

    All the best,


  11. Wow, all these books look great. I started out reading historical romance novels. Now, I’ve branched out into a lot of other genres. Thanks for a chance to win.

  12. No problem, Julianna – and good luck. Today is the release day for my sensual English Civil War romance – The Cavalier published by Total-e-Bound so it’s been a busy few months. Previously I wrote traditional Regencies but now, in addition, I’ve started writing more sensual historicals. It’s great fun and I’m delighted by the response.


  14. Thanks, Linda – enjoy! To celebrate my big month I’ll be posting details of a free download of one of my books later this month. If you want to drop by my blog – http://beverleyeikli.blogspot there’ll be more about it in the next week.

  15. Posting the winner for Beverley. Thanks to everyone for joining us. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon & often…:)

    Jeanne Miro is the winner of Lady Lovett’s Little Dielmma by Beverley Oakley.

    Congratulations, Jeanne! I hope you enjoy the story of a once-mutually adoring couple whose efforts to restore their happiness land them in a lot of turmoil and confusion before their eyes are opened as to what each other needs.


  16. Ivy – Sorry I didn’t post sooner how much I loved the book! I read it in one day because I just couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

  17. Hi Jeanne,

    How’s everything going for you?

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma. It’s very different from my first erotic romance, Rake’s Honour, which features a very feisty heroine. And a bit different from the books written under my Beverley Eikli name.

    This week is historic for me. I’ve just uploaded my very first Regency Historical – Lady Sarah’s Redemption – onto Amazon, which is now available in paperback and e-book. Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly is about to become available in paperback in the next week. It’s already available as an e-book but it seems it’s not appearing for some readers on Amazon kindle, though my publisher claims it should be. Don’t know what the story is.

    I hope all is going well – and best wishes,


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