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  1. Action requires knwgledoe, and now I can act!

  2. You know what? Shit happens. Especially when you’re playing on your phone instead of making sure your child gets down the slide safely if it’s THAT important to you that the child does so. I figure as long as no one is being pushed over the side at the top, there’s no crying, screaming, or broken bones, we’ve been successful. I could go on for days about bubble wrapped kids, but what pisses me off the most is how I have to bubble wrap my kids to a degree more than I want to because other parents only selectively parent their children at the park.

  3. Susan is so deserving of this scholarship. I can think of no one who has demonstrated such courage, fortitude, and compassion while battling her own cancer and marshalling the resources to help others with their struggles with cancer.

  4. I am thankful that my husband is no longer deployed and looking forward to a full house full of friends in his military unit. I am thankful they are all back safe and sound and looking forward to have time with them all.I am thankful not to spend another holiday wondering how my husband and our friends are deployed overseas.I am thankful my sister will be coming in to visit us and help me cook.

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