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The word demon is probably a derivation of daio, meaning to divide.  The name was generally used for spiritual beings of a lower order that interfere between gods and men.  Many believe that the Nephilim, or sons of the Grigori, the origin of the demon.  In the Book of Enoch, we are introduced to the Watchers, the angels who fell from grace because they took wives from amongst mortal women and sired giants (the Nephilim).  Although Enoch is not an “inspired” book and not found in the Bible, it is quoted in the Book of Jude.


In On Wings of Desire¸ the hero Salseph is a demon created by the fallen angel Paimon to look like an angel.  Paimon isn’t one of the Grigori.  He was with Lucifer in the original Fall, and he is General of Hell.  His beauty sets Seph apart from the fiendish creatures brought into existence by the other fallen angels.

In one scene, Paimon tells Salsepth, “The other angels are like children with Play-Doh, each trying to produce the most abominable.”

Paimon created Seph for his pleasure, but the young demon spurns his creator.  As punishment, the fallen angel forces Seph to perform humiliating missions of seek and destroy.  He is assigned a target, must seduce the woman and destroy her life, leaving her in tears.  Seph despises his job and sees the second war between Heaven and Hell as a way to escape.

Gloria Landry, the heroine, has a bad track record with men.  Though a short history, she always seems to choose the wrong one.  When a breathtakingly handsome man rescues her from a violent storm, she is convinced she has found the right one.  Until she learns he is a demon.

On Wings of Desire is an erotic fantasy romance, not an inspirational work.


Wings is Bianca’s third erotic romance and was released February 28th by Double Dragon Publishing and is available at the publisher’s website, at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.  Both Celestial Sin and Hot Spanish Nights were published by The Wild Rose Press and are available at the links included.

Excerpt of On Wings of Desire: (PG13):

“I smell angel,” a low-ranking atrocity shouted, his high-pitched voice rasping on Seph’s nerves.

The demons stank of brimstone and ash.  Salseph’s Creator had only missed one detail in replicating a celestial being.  Like an angel, Seph possessed an individual, mysterious scent, the airy fragrance part of his allure.  Unlike an angel, Salseph had no sigil.  A sigil, the angel’s name in Malachim script, was branded in his palm at his creation.  Paimon did not have the ability to bequeath a sigil to his demon son.  The fallen angel had, however, created Seph with an irresistible sexual magnetism.

A disgustingly ugly brute bared his fangs.  A laugh rumbled from the creature’s slavering maw.  He stumbled into Seph, crushing one of the long white feathers trailing the ash-gray ground.  “Hello, Salseph.”  Two taloned fingers drifted down the feathered arch.  “Wish I had pretty wings.”

Seph flinched from the malicious caress, folding his wings in a tighter arch.  The creature chuckled, and anger ground Salseph’s good intentions to dust.  When he landed, he’d planned to hurry to his cave, avoiding another senseless confrontation with his brethren.  The fiends detested him as much as he abhorred them.  It was an effort of will to resist a scathing retort.

“I think he’s hideous,” a demon in the shadows called.  “Angels are our enemies.  Every time I look at Paimon’s favorite, I want to draw sword.”

Jealousy and envy gleamed in Evolz’s yellow eyes.  The demon reeked of the Pit.  Sulfur wasn’t an enticing perfume.  “Now, who would want to spit our lovely Salseph on a sword?”

“Let me pass.”  Seph would have shouldered by Evolz, but touching the creature repulsed him.

“Coming home from another assignment?”  Evolz smirked.

Seph refused to give the other demon the satisfaction of a reply.  He was returning from another demeaning mission with his stomach in a knot and his heart bleeding for a poor human woman whose only sin was falling in love with him.

“Did you eat her baby or pump a little half-demon into her womb?”  Evolz leered, his glob of a head tilted to the side, his hairy ears wagging.

“I don’t consume human flesh.  Now, step aside.”

“Or you’ll do what?  Report me to Paimon?”

Seph flared his wings, striking the demon and sweeping Evolerzzal into a stumbling retreat.  “Sorry, Evolz.”  He drove his wings down hard, rising straight into the sultry, close air.  Voice dripping sarcasm, he said, “I forget how powerful I really am.”

He hovered above the gross blob, his condescending smile goading Evolz to react.  The demon glared at him but said nothing, a quick comeback beyond his limited mental capacity.  Why were they all so fiendish?  One of the monsters tried to capture his ankle.  Laughing, he flew higher and, still chuckling, soared toward home.  The place I hide.  He’d never thought of the dim stone cavern as home.  His heart stuttered over a painful beat.  He had no home and belonged nowhere.

Bianca is giving away a digital copy of HOT SPANISH NIGHTS to one lucky commenter.  Giveaway ends @12am est 3-22-13.  Good luck!


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  1. An excellent excerpt thank you. “a low-ranking atrocity” – what a marvelous description.

  2. Thanks Mary! Happy St. Paddy’s Day. I’m so happy you liked the excerpt. I had such fun writing Wings. What did you think of the hunk? He’s on the cover.

  3. Girl I love your writing and the whole mysterious legend behind the Nephilims always fascinates me. Happy St. Pattys day.

  4. LOL Bianca Swan, I couldn’t hold out any longer so I just went and bought On Wings of Desire on Amazon.

  5. Thanks Ronda! I’m flattered that you like my writing since you read so many books. I hope you enjoy Wings!!

  6. Nice excerpt

  7. I like how you warned this was an erotic story not an inspirational one.


  9. Thanks everyone for visiting we me. I appreciate your comments. Mary Preston, you are the winner of the download of Hot Spanish Nights. Please contact me with your email address. BiancaSwan20 at yahoo dot com.

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