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The fun and excitement continue this week with the release of LOVE’S PRICE, Book #2 in my Lord Trent trilogy.  The novel is a fast-paced, thrilling ride, filled with my usual great characters, intricate plot lines, and infuriating villains.  And there’s the added bonus of two brothers falling for twin sisters—a double love story that’s sexy and unforgettable.

The linking premise in the three novels has to do with Charles Sinclair, the Earl of Trent.  He is England’s most notorious roué, and over the decades he’s sired many illegitimate children.  His oldest bastard son, Phillip, is on a quest to find his lost half-siblings and build a family with them.  The books tell the stories of four of Lord Trent’s cast-off children on their rocky road to happily ever after.

The heroes in LOVE’S PRICE are James Harcourt, Earl of Westwood, and his brother, Tristan.  They fall in love with twins, Helen and Harriet Sinclair Stewart.  The twins are two of Lord Trent’s illegitimate children, and because of their illicit parentage, their lives have been extremely difficult.  When they meet James and Tristan, sparks fly and lust blooms—but it takes the two brothers quite awhile to discover that they’re madly in love, too.  Harriet is one of my all-time favorite characters out of all the ones I’ve ever created.  You won’t believe the jam in which she lands herself.


The three books—LOVE’S PROMISE, LOVE’S PRICE, and LOVE’S PERIL—are being released back to back in May, June, and July 2013.  They will all be available as print books and e-books.  LOVE’S PROMISE and LOVE’S PRICE are out now, with LOVE’S PERIL coming on July 1st.  They’re a great way to lounge at the beach on your summer vacation, and I hope you’ll check them out.  Thanks to everyone for your interest in me and my “Lord Trent” trilogy!  I’m grateful.








Helen Stewart never understood why—as a tiny girl—she and her twin sister Harriet were sent away to boarding school and never allowed home for holidays.  At age sixteen, they were shocked to discover that they are the illegitimate daughters of the notorious rogue,Charles Sinclair.  Cast out by their relatives, they moved to London, and Helen has made a life for herself as a lady’s companion.  In her line of employment, she must maintain a stellar reputation, but she’s exhausted by the fussy whims of the debutantes she’s forced to chaperone.  She’d give anything to change her fate.

James Harcourt, Earl of Westwood, is in a bind.  After his father died, he learned that his estates were bankrupt.  He gambles to replenish his coffers so he’s living a dissolute bachelor’s life.  When his female ward arrives unexpectedly for an extended visit, he must protect her from scandal by hiring a lady’s companion.  When pretty, alluring Helen interviews for the position, he’s instantly smitten.  She possesses the qualifications to fill a much more intimate role.

He shocks her by suggesting she become his mistress, and when his offer is rebuffed, he begins a cunning seduction, aimed at wearing her down. Helen can’t resist the temptation he offers, but she doesn’t have the sophistication to survive in his world.  And as James immerses them in a dangerous spiral of pleasure and excitement, he proves that he is determined to have her at any cost…

One lucky commenter is going to get a kindle ebook of both LOVE’S PROMISE and LOVE’S PRICE.  Tell me if you prefer your heroes to need a dose of comeuppance and  redemption, a squeaky clean good guy, or a fella who falls somewhere in between?    Giveaway ends @12 a.m. est 6-16-13 with the winner announced shortly thereafter.  Good Luck!





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  1. I’m rather fond of men who are a tad misogynistic or don’t really take a lot of notice of women until the heroine suddenly impinges upon his consciousness. If he is a really bad lad I expect him to suffer a whole lot to redeem himself.

  2. I like a hero that has to redeem himself. I loved Love’s Promise and can’t wait to read Love’s Price. 🙂


  3. Don’t enter me in the giveaway because I already have LOVES PRICE pre-ordered on my Nook =). I just wanted to say thank you to Cheryl and tell her I got my copy of LOVE’S PROMISE in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to crack it open and get started! This series has so much promise.

  4. I like a little bit of both. Thanks.

  5. Somewhere in between works very well for me.

  6. a dose of a dose of comeuppance and redemption

  7. A villain who has to redeem himself ~sigh~, that’s what I am looking for. Character developement hasn’t been bad to a good story and if a guy is too good to be true, then he usually is. Even the squeeeky clean ones hiding skeletons in the closet. 🙂

  8. Congrats, Marika & JoyF. Marika already had Love’s Promise so she’ll be receiving Love’s Peril Love’s Promise goes to JoyF. I’ve heard from Marika. Joy, please check your email & spam. You have until 12am est 6-19 to get back with me or I’ll have to draw another winner.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Hope to see y’all often!

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