Traveling cross country with Lila Munro and LOVE VINDICATED

Hello Manic readers and fans! And thank you so much to the staff for letting me take over the blog today. It’s always a pleasure to be here and I’m looking forward to chatting a few minutes at the end of the day when things settle and I’m in my latest home away from home for the night.

I’ll be honest. I nearly forgot to send this blog post last week. You see, being married to the Marine Corps isn’t always easy and for the last few weeks I’ve been in the process of moving across country—and I do mean literally. After my husband spending the better part of six years overseas, he finally came home to orders for us to report from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to a new station in Portland, Oregon. He’d only been home three weeks when the movers arrived, packed up all my worldly goods, and carted them off. Then my grand new adventure began! I’ve been regularly blogging about it over at Realmantic Moments. Please do come by and catch up on where I’ve been, what I’ve seen there, and what I’ve been doing.

Now, being as I just about missed the boat (you must know I’m pre-writing this a week ago Sunday), I’m sitting in a hotel in Missouri the morning we’re supposed to pull stakes and head into Nebraska looking at my calendar and an “oh crap!” moment occurs when I see I am supposed to be here today and I have neither sent a blog post in or even entertained the idea of writing it. (Yes, the writer’s life—gotta love it!) Oh…wait…hehe…there it was! My topic of discussion or today. A bit of the writer’s life. You see, the writer’s life doesn’t just exist behind this screen, typing away fourteen hours a day…well, okay, I’ll concede at times it does. But, you have to live life to write it.

And at this point (June 9 by the by), I’m living it fully. There are a few things I’ve learned over the course of the past few years with Marshfox being gone so much. Things are just things and can be replaced—they matter not. People are what’s important and taking the time to smell the roses with the people that matter most to you makes life all the sweeter.

So far I’ve passed through ten states, June 9 will mark the eleventh and I’m enjoying every single moment of this nomadic adventure and taking notes along the way. You see living life in order to write it means watching, tasting, smelling, feeling…seeing something or someone and trying to discern what their story is.

One of those discerning moments occurred to me two states back last week when we were driving through the streets of downtown Indy (side trip—my best friend lives there and it’s home to my publishing company—check my blog out you’ll get all the skinny *wink*). In downtown Indy they have statues—very, very lifelike looking statues I might add—placed all over the place. They’re walking along, sitting on benches, playing. There’s a statue couple where the man is helping the woman out of a store holding her umbrella and another of a daddy hoisting his child up onto his shoulders for a Sunday stroll. Well, in the course of all of five minutes, those statues became as real to me as flesh and blood humans. And they began to tell me a story…

If you’re ever in Indy, downtown is a must stop.

Thanks for having me by today and please check out my latest novel which released today, Love Vindicated, Book One in my brand new series Steele Image.

Lila Munro

In 1980, Kyle Montgomery’s life was seemingly perfect. Heavily recruited by Force Recon fresh from the Naval Academy, he’d been working black ops for the Marine Corps for six years and was on the cusp of being promoted to Major. He was on the fast track to bigger and better things, had all the right people vetting him, and he’d married the woman of his dreams and was exploring a lifestyle which could have ended his career. With the Iranian embassy under siege and the Middle East in turmoil, Kyle was sent on a mission which would change the course of his life forever.

Returning home after three months of being invisible, Kyle finds his wife has been murdered by the very people he’d been sent to protect. And instead of the government retaliating, they hand him his walking papers with the agreement they’ll never speak of the events again. It’s like Kyle never existed. His wife never existed. And the people who maimed and tortured her never existed.

Resigned to never again walk that path again, Kyle opens the first Steele Image club with the thought of providing a safe haven for others like him, those who were invisible to the public and most of the government. Those who had eclectic sexual tastes. Those who would later become his allies. And his enemies. And both will drive him back to the place he’d thought he’d let go of forever to vindicate his love…

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  1. Good morning everyone! Thanks, Manic, for hosting me today. I’ll pop in and out a few times today to talk to the readers and answer any questions they might have for me.

  2. You will LOVE Portland. It is one of my favorite cities, and it has one of the best bookstores in the WORLD – Powell Books!

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