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Distractions-The Bane of Every Writer? Or Is It Just Me?

I like to try to tell myself that I’m a disciplined writer. I get that daily word count in no matter what. My readers are waiting. I can’t disappoint them. Nothing sidetracks me from my focus until the writing is done

Yeah, right. In my fantasy writing utopia.

I can place a bit of blame on blog posts and book reviews I’ve committed to write, but truthfully,  it’s the other distractions that  suck my writing schedule into the vortex of wasted time. Twitter, Facebook, and responding to blog comments can gobble up half an hour before I realize it.

Then the dogs require my attention; there’s an insurance form that needs completing—oh, look at that squirrel hanging upside down from the feeder?

Gotta run and get the camera to take a picture of Ayva (my mini doxie) with her nose stuck in her plastic hamburger.

I grab the camera, and my gaze falls on my den desk. Whoops, forgot to send the nephew his graduation card and check.  So I quickly do that, and while I’m at it, pay a bill or two.  By that time, Ayva’s got the hamburger off her snout, but Lina (hubby’s  lab pup) is running across the backyard with my rubber boot in her mouth.  I charge out the door and grab it from her.

Look at that, the bird feeders are empty. Naturally, I have to fill them. I might as well sweep the patio and porch while I’m at it.  Are those potted herbs a bit dry? Of course they are. I water them.  Hubby forgot to put the lawn and patio chairs and benches back where they belong after mowing. I couldn’t possibly write knowing they aren’t in their proper places.

I finally get back into the house and before dutifully heading to my writing room, put a load of clothes into the dryer and another into the washer.  I notice a cobweb hanging from the cupboard above the dryer; cobweb hunting commences. After an embarrassingly successful venture, I decide to pour a cup of coffee to take upstairs with me. I’m not going to let another thing keep me from my goal of 1000 words today! Did I mention my original goal was between 3000 and 4000 words?

I open the fridge to get some crème brulee creamer.  Drat.  Something dripped on one of the shelves.

And so it goes.

It’s been suggested that perhaps I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and not just a little ADD. I can’t imagine why anyone would suggest such a thing.

The book will get done. . . and so will a myriad of other things.

Collette is giving away a digital copy of THE VISCOUNTS VOW to one (1) lucky commenter.  What, if anything, is it almost impossible to distract you from? Giveaway ends @12am est 9-27-13 with the winner announced shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

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  1. Ha-ha. I understand completely. You made me smile this Monday morning.

  2. Sounds very much like my day, except I have three dogs and no hubby. With no one but myself to worry about, you’d think I’d have more time for writing, but there’s also no one else to do things that need to be done, like feeding dogs, taking them to the vet, doing laundry, cleaning (dog hair everywhere), grocery shopping. Have to go today to pick up a prescription for Kira, my oldest dog, who has Cushing’s and is on twice a day medication. And of course there’s blogging, Twitter, Facebook. And promotion. And writing queries to try to snag an agent. But in the midst of it all, I do manage to get some writing done, even if it’s only two or three pages.

  3. LOL – As I sit here going through emails, reading blogs, scanning Facebook and wondering if I should invest more time into Pinterest, my daily word count sits at 126. It will be another late night – because there are simply too many interesting distractions.
    I think OCD and ADD are poor labels!! We’re writers, always in search of great story ideas. The world around us is a paragraph (or more) waiting to be written. 🙂

  4. You’re so welcome, Collette. Happy to have you..:)

  5. LOL, what a fun post, Collette. An editor I know describes authors as ADDOS. Attention Deficit Disorder, Oh a squirrel. Tweeted and shared.

  6. Collette, you nailed it with this one. Distractions are everywhere and much more so since my husband retired. The days disappear from under me. It gets frustrating.

  7. Well said! The only thing I would add is the hammock in the shade that I can see from my window, which calls me to a few hours of self-indulgence, reading something someone else has written.

  8. Great comments on distractions Collette. I love the hanging upside down squirrel! Fortunately, I can write with several things going on around me at the same time. How about writing that fab love scene while your husband discusses the work day or starts trying to distract you with kisses of his own. I think he’s made it a game. Let’s see how long it takes to make my wife giggle or hit the keyboard in frustration.

    Your books are doing great. Keep it up girlie. 🙂

  9. You are all so funny! Thanks for stopping by. Violetta, I don’t know how you do write with hubby pestering you. I have to banish mine!

  10. OMG!!! You are actually me. Your description is just like me. And by the end of the day I’ve written 100 words an hour. When you add that up for a 100,000 word book has taken me 10,000 hours to write each book. I have discovered head phones to block out the exterior noise that my hubby creates. That does help some. And helps with this constant distraction thing that happens.
    I enjoyed your blog so much. And I love the cover of your book. It’s perfect.
    Teresa Reasor

  11. That was a funny comment on distractions. I don’t write but I craft a lot cause I’m working on starting a craft business. I have 3 dogs and as soon as a sit down to craft they all want to be in my lap. I’ve even had one, Suki, who likes to grab one of my crafting items and run off with it. I have to chase the little bugger and she always runs under the bed with it.

  12. Shawna,
    I have a doxie that must always be in the same room as me. She slept on my lap while I wrote The Viscount’s Vow.

  13. A good book or movie. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  14. That sounds like the way it happens at my house!! The only thing I can’t be distracted from is reading..

  15. reading a good book

  16. Victoria, Martha, and BN100…I have to admit, I’m much more focuses when I’m reading. I’m oblivious to the world around me when reading a good book! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  17. I know exactly how you feel, Collette. We writers have a serious case of “Squirrel!” I think our brains must run at such a high speed to write fiction they tend to swerve at the slightest provocation before getting back on the road!

  18. I love it, Louisa! Swerve at the slightest provication! Wonderful.

  19. Just wanted to let you know that Victoria Zumbrum won the copy of The Viscount’s Vow. Thank you everyone for stopping by!

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