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Romance Novels and the Teenage Relatives

When I read the email offering me a publishing contract for Highland Solution, I was very pleased. OK, I was more than pleased; I might have jumped and squealed like a game show contestant. Of course I told my family first. They all knew that it was a medieval Highland romance, however, the younger members of my family, my children and my nieces and nephews, weren’t really familiar with the genre. I explained that historical romances are obviously set in the past and generally focus on the relationship that builds between the hero and heroine. Frequently the characters face challenges or evil forces that threaten to tear them apart, but these are overcome in the end and “they all live happily ever after.” It is a little like a fairytale for an adult.

I was rather proud of my succinct description. Then my twenty-year-old son Liam asked “Is there sex in it?”

“Well yes, some. But the sex is appropriate to the story.”

“So it is like that 50 Shades book? Mommy porn?”

“NO! It is sooo not mommy porn. ‘That 50 Shades book’ is classified as erotic romance. Highland Solution isn’t anything like that.”

But this got me to thinking. Would it bother me if my children and the other young adults in my family read Highland Solution? Not really, but I decided I would leave it up to them. If they were comfortable and asked me for a copy, I would give them one.

Several months later my 19 year-old nephew did ask for a copy. “Are you sure?” I asked. “It doesn’t really seem like your kind of book.”

“Yes I’m sure, Aunt Ceci. I read all kinds of books.”

I explained that it was still being edited, but I did need feedback about something and if he wanted to read it and give me that feedback, I would appreciate it. Several months later and I asked him if he had finished it.

“No Aunt Ceci, I didn’t read it. Liam told me it’s a sex book and I just couldn’t read it knowing you wrote it.”

“IT IS NOT A SEX BOOK AND I AM GOING TO KILL LIAM IF HE IS TELLING EVERYONE THAT! Good Lord, I absolutely know every single one of you watch Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black. There is way more sex in both of those.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t write those.”

True enough. However, he agreed that if the most explicit scenes were modified he could read it. So with some minor edits I created a “sanitized” version. He still hasn’t read it. However, the effort wasn’t wasted. My 18-year-old daughter, who rarely reads any novels, asked to read the “sanitized” version and loved the story. “Are there other novels like this out there?”

“Oh my sweet girl, only thousands.”

I gave her some of my favorites and she has enjoyed reading them, “But I still like yours best mommy.”

Ceci is giving away a digital copy of HIGHLAND SOLUTION to one (1) lucky commenter.  Do you have a favorite Scottish fella, real or fictional?  Do tell & be entered in Ceci’s giveaway!   Giveaway ends @12am est 9-6-13 with winner announced shortly thereafter.

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  1. Since you asked, I will always adore Sir Sean Connery. In fact, one minor character in Highland Solution looks exactly like Sir Sean Connery, in my imagination.

  2. Yes, Ceci. Ditto….Isn’t Gerard Butler Scottish? Know I’ve seen him in a kilt & John Hannah….He really caught my eye in that British cop show he did. Don’t usually go for the lighter haired fellas. Maybe it was the silhouette scene..:)

  3. Yes, Gerard Butler is a fine choice. And leave us not forget the lovely Henry Cusick (half Scot and half Peruvian)from Scandal and Lost, brrruthah.

  4. Ceci, you’re too funny! I can’t wait to read the book. And when thinking about casting, don’t forget Ewan McGregor!

  5. Thanks Hilary. Aye, Ewan is another attractive Scot. Speaking of him, my son (you know the one who thinks I wrote a “sex novel”?) challenged me to insert a Star Wars reference in the novel and I did. There is also a very subtle Star Wars homage in there as well.

  6. Sorry, I meant to say there is also very subtle Star Trek homage in there as well. I think only really devout Trekkies will recognize it.

  7. My favorite is probably Duncan McCloud (Highlander TV)
    Thanks for asking.

  8. Sean Connery

  9. Sean Connery does come immediately to mind. Love the accent. He looks great in a kilt too.

  10. My favorite would have to be Sean Connery, hands down. Especially as he got older. Fun post – easy to visualize the family making the comments!!

  11. I would pick either Gerard Butler or Sean Connery.


  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, Ceci! Did Liam ever read the book?

  13. TOO funny! I guess I can understand, I don’t think I want to know how my mother sees sex. How she interprets it. How she would envision a romantic interlude, LOL!

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