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Consequences.  Everything in life has consequences – a price.  The real question of course is if the price is worth paying.  

If you look the word Consequence up in the dictionary, its meaning is twofold: 1. a result or effect of an action or condition and 2. of importance or relevance.  

In The Consequences, (the direct sequel to The Affair), both definitions are apropos as all three principal characters, the wife, the husband and the mistress, are reeling from the results of the affair as well as taking important and relevant steps to rebuild their lives in this new world.  But how can one rebuilt a life when one discovers that everything they believed in and trusted is based on a foundation of lies?  

When we are children, we often act impulsively, rarely knowing or caring about the consequences of our actions. We are forgiven because we are young, immature and not well versed in propriety and social rules. We also have parents, teachers and mentors to guide, instruct, educate and reprimand us if we “mess up.”  

But who guides, instructs and reprimands us when we mess up as adults?  Grownups no longer have the justification of childhood ignorance to protect them from the consequence of their actions.  Of course, they have family, friends and colleagues to talk to, but ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own actions.  

In The Consequences, we see a man who is having trouble accepting that responsibility. Like most cheaters, he wants to have his cake and eat it too. And while we can forgive him for having the affair and empathize with his contrition, we cannot forgive his continued lies, both to the women whom he loves and, of course, to himself.  

Continuing the convention of threefold storytelling used in The Affair, The Consequences explores from the three perspectives of mistress, husband and wife, the culture of lies, love and the nearly impossible juggling act one must master in order to have it all.

Colette is offering a print copy (sorry, U.S. only) of THE CONSEQUENCES to one (1) lucky commenter.  What do you think, is an affair the end or can you learn to trust again?  Giveaway ends 1-31-14.  Good Luck!

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  1. Morning Colette & Ivy! Interesting question: my thought is when someone has an affair, I could forgive and forget, but I would never trust that person again. Once you have done this deed, the probably of repeating it seems to highly likely!

  2. I don’t think an affair ever solves anything it just causes more problems.

  3. I don’t think an affair is necessary the end. If you can learn to forgive and forget and move on your marriage could be saved. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. depends on the couple

  5. For my husband and me an affair would be a ‘deal breaker’…no chance of recovery. I think I’m drawn to reading novels involving family conflict because it helps me to appreciate the relationship my husband and I have.

  6. In my experience, affairs didn’t end when they said they ended. So, they ended up being the end. No more trust.

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